Barnard .308

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Barnard .308

#1 Postby superx10 » Wed Jul 10, 2024 10:05 am

Transferring Firearms Dealer Name & Licence #: Suffolk sports Lismore
Seller Firearms Licence #: 412002328
Firearm Serial #: S19-036

Hi performing .308 competition rifle , FTR, F std, Fly rifle. Action is a Barnard S Right bolt right port non eject, High Gloss and finish Demar Walnut stock sitting in a Barnard v block comes with three barrels
Barrel one is a Bartlein 1:10 threaded for a Dan brambly tuner under 1000 rounds free bore for 180-200 gr projectiles DBG.
Barrel two Brux !:10 free bore for 180-200 gr projectiles approx 1350 rounds LRP.
Barrel three Madco 1:11 fee bore 180 gr projectiles approx 1000 rounds DBG.

Comes with hard TO GET Genuine Barnard S barrel spanner/ wrench to change barrels out.
Trigger is a Flavio /SDhE set at 4 OZ probably the best trigger I have used.

All barrels come with Lapua Palma brass fire formed in each barrel.

All barrels are very accurate and cleaned / oiled after each shoot and have a lot of life left in them.

Comes with approx. 350 Berger 180 Gr juggernaut,s.

Gun was smithed by LRP.

Finished by Gold Coast Two pack.

Complete package of best quality built competition rifle with plenty of extras to get you started.

$ 7,780 PPH

Best to Phone Me on 0419443196 Please don't leave a message here.

Barnard s.jpg
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