Here you have an audience of people with similar equipment needs. Chances are that someone will have what you need or vice versa.

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#1 Postby Administrator » Tue Jun 28, 2005 7:40 pm

Please note the following :

Advertising of Fire-arms
Section 101 of the Firearms Act 1996 (Vic.) deals with the advertising of fire-arms in Victoria. After a detailed reading of this Section, I have decided to allow the advertising of firearms again, including by Victorians. However I have to insist on the following details being provided in the post :

1) The dealer name and dealer licence number through whom the transfer will be arranged.
2) The firearms licence number of the seller.
3) The serial number of the fire-arm.

(If anyone has advice that this is not legal, I would appreciate your contacting me with details of that advice.)

Advertising of goods for sale in commercial quantities or as a firearms dealer are not permitted.

Other Disclaimers and Rules
The forum administration makes no guarantees about quality of goods, delivery of goods, or payments. Any agreements made are entirely between buyer and seller.

It is entirely the responsibility of buyer and seller to establish the identity of the other party. The forum administration will not give confidential details about any member to another.

While you aren't prevented from discussing details by posting, it is probably better for all concerned if you use private messaging.

If an item is sold, you should notify the administrator by private message, and the topic will be deleted.

Periodically, topics with no posts newer than 2 months may be removed from this forum.

Thank you and good shopping!

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