WTB - Scatt (Basic) System

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WTB - Scatt (Basic) System

#1 Postby Beniah » Sun Jan 29, 2023 12:09 pm

G'Day Fellow Shooters,

Looking to buy a Scatt Basic system from some one who has used, no longer uses or didn't use same in thier gear box.

Yes, there was one for sale, and I missed it by a matter of hours. :|

Please PM me if you have a complete set, still in box, in V Good condition.

Thank you.
Doing my best to get it all together... One round at a time. :wink:

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Re: WTB - Scatt (Basic) System

#2 Postby wilros » Fri May 19, 2023 9:21 pm

Hey All,

I know they are rare as hens teeth in Aus but looking to by a Scatt Training System, if there is one available?

Not picky on model or age, so long as it still works.

Send me a PM and lets see what deal can be done.


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