6 mm Dasher

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6 mm Dasher

#1 Postby Stevesee » Tue Nov 15, 2022 2:45 pm

Sale 6mm Dasher sell out . Sold as one lot will not divide.
Maddco 1.8 twist 1.250 straight 6mm, This started as a 28 in blank and was chambered in a Remington Action.
At 430 round count it was re-chambered and threaded to a Barnard Action,therefore it is now only a 26 in barrel and has only only been fired 635 times in total.

190 x Lapuar 3 times fired cases.
Redding Type S Custom Bushing Full Sizing Die / 265 Bush .
Wilson Chamber Type Bullet Seater.
90 x Hornady Match 105 gr proj .
100 x Berger 105 gr Hyb proj . Pointed and Molli .
170 x Berger 115 gr VLD Proj. Pointed and Molli .
Holder for A.M.P. Annealer

Wanting $800.00 for the lot /plus postage. Ph 0418133346 Thanks for looking, Steve.

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Re: 6 mm Dasher

#2 Postby Stevesee » Wed Nov 16, 2022 9:23 am

All sold ,PF .thanks Steve.

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