Oplo F6-Ti

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Oplo F6-Ti

#1 Postby Oplo » Thu Jun 10, 2021 1:44 pm

The Oplo F6-Ti is a version option whereby F6 customers may choose to upgrade Al 6060 T5 machined components with Grade 5 Titanium (Ti-6Al-4V).

Images below are of an F6-Ti with heavy counterbalance, optioned with the following Titanium components: horizontal float, vertical float, joystick handle, collet body, collet locking ring and ball knob.

The F6 and F6-Ti share all the same COTS components, castings, surface finishes and machining tolerances – what differs between the two is merely the raw material used for the machined parts. All Oplo products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality.

A note on the F6 coaxial mechanism which can be seen in the images: isolation of the vertical and horizontal axes of the coaxial movement allows increased friction to be factory pre-set into the vertical bearings. In doing so, the shooter may make rapid windage hold-off shots along the horizontal axis without interfering with vertical axis, thus preserving the established waterline. On days where wind changes occur regularly and rapidly, a shooter may make a wind call and take an immediate hold-off shot or, perform a rapid follow-up shot without consideration or adjustment to elevation. The counterbalance neutralises both the rifle fore stock and mechanism weight so that up/down static friction is equal and the rifle rests unaided at the target. Static friction along the horizontal axis is very low. This design lends itself equally to both windage turret and hold-off styles of shooting. Due to the linear bearing and shaft coaxial design, it is nearly impossible induce lateral rotation about the longitudinal axis (ie rocking of the rest left to right) thereby preventing missed shots attributed to rifle ‘cant’.

Image 0011 sml.jpg
Image 0018 sml.jpg
Image 0014 sml.jpg
Image 0012 sml.jpg
Image 0009 sml.jpg
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Re: Oplo F6-Ti

#2 Postby Agros351 » Sat Jun 12, 2021 7:10 pm

Hey, I'm in echuca vic and wondering if there's anyone around that has an oplo, that I could have a look at and put my hands on? I'm very interested but it's a lot of coin to spend on something I've only seen photos of.

Cheers Craig

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Re: Oplo F6-Ti

#3 Postby Oplo » Thu Jun 17, 2021 7:17 pm

Hi Craig, none that I know of in your area (NSW, QLD and WA yes).
Agreed, the F6 is a chunk of change so I highly recommend people do their homework before considering it as their next front rest. A history of develoopment can be found on our Facebook page (OPLO Front Rests for Precision Shooting) which goes into great detail about the technicals of design, manufacture, testing and shooting.
The F6 takes a lot to manufacture so it isn't a mass produced item - you'll come across it some day.

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