We want to hear what your club is doing to bring in new members. Tell us what works, and give credit to those who are making the effort.

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#1 Postby AlanF » Sat Nov 10, 2007 9:34 pm

HAVE YOU BROUGHT A MATE TO THE RANGE :?: If every current shooter brought just one new shooter into the sport, it would fix our numbers problem instantly! How many of our members can say they have done that? How many can say they have ever tried?

This particular ozfclass forum is designed to inspire (or shame) more members to get off their backsides and make a real difference for the future of our sport. We want to hear about the success stories of enlisting new shooters, and we want to give credit to the clubs and individuals who are putting in the effort.

NO DISCUSSIONS ON RULES/TARGETS ETC ARE ALLOWED IN THIS FORUM. :shock: This will only divert attention from what is really needed, which is more innovation and effort from members at local club level.

So if you have some experiences with schemes for attracting new members, or you know someone who deserves a mention for what they are doing to help grow the sport or make it better, this is the place to tell us about it.


Thanks for reading this post.

I'm inviting Mr Paul (Chopper) Read to make the first post, because I know he has some experiences to relate. And TonyQ, you have a free rein in this forum :D :D !


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#2 Postby Chopper » Fri Nov 23, 2007 11:45 am

Thank you Alan great idea ,yes it has been good fun over the last year or so assisting and signing up new members,a lot of time and work as they need rifles, they need to be taught how to shoot and most if not all need to know how to load ,then you go help them purchase reloading equipment and go and set it up for them ,as i said earlier a lot of time but it has its rewards,lots of funny things happen like watching the hand shake when picking up the next round and dropping it trying to get it into the loading port , you know the old nerv thing, its great to take them to an opm and watch them do well,it was great also not long ago watch my newest member shoot a 50.10 at bendigo 900yds, ive never seen a happier bloke, hes been a shooter for many years and thought he had a cupboard full of good rifles ,hunting type, well there all gone and he only has his two prise rifles now ,he now has learnt true marksmanship and wonders why he didnt find it years ago , lucky someone showed him, and of course you make a friend, its not so funny when you spend hours showing them how to load and they finally get a turn to fill them up with powder and after the last one is filled they drop a projectile right in the middle of them and powder goes everywhere,and so its start again,ive never done that,,,,anyway i wont waffle on even though theres plenty to tell, GOOD LUCK WITH YOURE NEW MEMBER

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#3 Postby Tony Q » Sun Nov 25, 2007 8:02 am

Well done Alan, this is the kind of thing we need to help others and help the sport. Nothing is difficult, but sometimes it can be a little daunting. We are all too eager to help others where we can with information, our experiences and other thoughts.

Collectively pooling ideas, or trialing an idea has everything to gain and absolutely nothing to loose, so, if you have an idea … just try it and see what happens.

I will post in detail soon as overseas visitors are cramming my spare time. :shock:

Again well done!

P.s. Paul, great story mate! :D
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#4 Postby Chopper » Tue Nov 27, 2007 4:47 pm

We have two more shooters signing up soon for F CLASS we hope ,one fellow asked the local gun shop owner where he could learn to shoot long range and he put him on to me ,we talked over the phone for some time because he wanted to learn what calibre he could shoot deer over a long distance with, i told him to come to the club and learn to shoot first as we shoot from 300 to 1000yds , that got him going straight away, i couldnt make it to the range so i range one of our newest shooters of twelve months , STEVE, and ask him to take care of him which he did in fine fashion,i think he liked the responsability so thanks Steve, i dont think this bloke is to interested in hunting deer as much as he was as he knows he has a lot to learn, he has a new rem 700 in 243 and a good 24x scope so he is almost there apart from a barrel ,a good 8 twista will sort that out,6mm ay Alan :lol: ,the other fella was Simon , a mate of John who would you believe cleaned them all up with the club 223 , i believe he shot 116 at 700yds,anyway thats the latest ,HOWS YOURE NEW BLOKE GOING.

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#5 Postby BenWhiting » Tue May 29, 2018 10:07 am

Well im someone who was invited along by a member of tmrc and a member of the forum weekend just gone i completed my safety course on Saturday and paid my membership fees for tmrc on sunday and im loving the sport i was shooting bench rest at 300m and 500m with good results hitting the x multiple times and getting a score of 110-4 for my first time shooting i was told that its a fantastic score for a beginner and i plan to got every weekend i can and hopefully at some pount be able to compete in f standard or f open time and practice will soon tell me when im ready to compete

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