Nagambie OPM - Supporting Variety Victoria

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Nagambie OPM - Supporting Variety Victoria

#1 Postby Weairy » Sat Nov 09, 2019 2:39 pm

Hi everyone,

A little way off, but I’d love to get as much support for this event as possible.

May 2020, Nagambie Rifle Club will hold a prize meeting, hosted by the VRA Wellsford Range.

This event will be held in support of Variety, The Children’s Charity. For anyone that doesn’t know about Variety and the amazing work they do, I’ll explain. Variety supports Aussie kids in need, whether disadvantaged socially, economically or physically. Their efforts provide support to those that really need it, from Liberty wheelchair swings, to Sunshine Coaches and Wigs for Kids, their work is extremely important to the wellbeing of many young Aussies. Because of this, we have made the decision to donate all profits of the event straight to Variety Victoria.

The event will be held in Wellsford on the 2nd of May 2020. We are aiming to hold this prize meet all on Hexta Targets, a first for the Wellsford range.

We will have some awesome prizes on offer, including a new Barnard action, Ken Noye stock (dressed in a one-off Variety paintjob) and Krieger barrel.

Additionally, we are also planning to hold a social evening after the shoot, including live music, catering etc.

We are in discussions also to hold an additional prize meeting on the Sunday, hosted by another club/DRA; we would be very keen to hear from anyone who would be willing to help us on this one.

More details will be confirmed in the new year, but I would really love to see a great turnout in support of a very worthy cause. Nagambie is only a small club, but we plan to make a big event and really bring it home for Variety.

Hope to see everyone there.
Josh Weaire
Nagambie R.C.

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