Barnard F Class

If you take a pride in the appearance of your rifle(s) and other gear, post a photo and give us some commentary.

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Barnard F Class

#1 Postby UL1700 » Wed Feb 21, 2018 9:43 am

My recent Barnard F class build. Shown here in F open format running 6BR and SEB Max Rest. We also make F TR weight with SEB Joypod and 308 barrel. F TR is my discipline of choice but my wife likes the low recoil of the 6BR (she also out shoots me week after week :shock: )

Image20180204_194208 by James Elphick, on Flickr

Image20180204_194222 by James Elphick, on Flickr

ImageScreenshot_20180130-215247 by James Elphick, on Flickr

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