Pseco Fclass panda

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Re: Pseco Fclass panda

#31 Postby Norm » Mon May 04, 2015 10:32 pm

plumbs7 wrote:
Norm wrote:
plumbs7 wrote:The misfires were most defiantly dud Br 4 primers . As I changed primers and didn't have one misfire after 5 ranges , 60 odd shots !

Were you fire forming 7-08 brass into 7-08ai when you were getting the misfires?

Hi Norm , no brand new 308 Palma brass.

Regards Graham.

So you were fire forming! Your headspace is too long for that unformed brass, I would say.
Hard seat your projectile or use a softer primer as suggested.

mike H
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Re: Pseco Fclass panda

#32 Postby mike H » Wed May 06, 2015 7:29 am

plumbs7 wrote:
Brad Y wrote:Easiest way to tell if they are dud is shoot some of the same batch again in fire formed cases. Same sort of thing happened to me with my 6 dasher- I went to a softer primer for fireforming. It saved wasting CCI450's with every 3rd or 4th not going off to all of them going off. Not sure how you were fireforming, but a 30 thou jam, 3-4 thou neck tension and a soft primer was fundamental to get them going off every time.

Brad , that sounds exactly what was happening to me ! U maybe onto something ! Righto I'll try again with fire formed brass . But what gets me is that I kept cycling the bolt and pulling the trigger until the primer caved in !

But the above is worth trying out with fired brass!

I don't think you understand how a primer is ignited,they need a hard sharp hit on a supported case,multiple hits on a misfired primer rarely fires them.

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