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#1 Postby Kianga1971 » Fri Mar 30, 2018 2:25 pm

Hi All

Selling my heavy Fly gun $7,500.00 same gun that one HG shooter of the year.
Comes in under 21 pound for F Class Open

BAT dual port Model M (MAG Bolt Face)
ST1000 Stock Green marble

1 X Bartelin Barrel new unfired in 7 SAUM
1 X Shilen Barrel 50 shots through it in 7 SAUM (Run in)_
1 X Bartelin Barrel 750 through it and is still a laser 7 SAUM
1 X Redding Dies S Type Full Length and Seater dies 7 SAUM

1 X NF Competiton Scope DDR-2

Projectiles 7mm Berger 180 VLD’s X 500
2213SC X 6kg’s
Norma Brass New & Used around 500 (could get the breakdown if needed)
MTM carry case for Magnum Cart X 5

Contact Peter
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