Jongmans 6mm dasher

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Jongmans 6mm dasher

#1 Postby Roger68 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:27 am

Hi Guys
Iam selling on behalf of one of our club members the following
Jongmans S Shot Serial num 199 , 6mm dasher , 8-32 x 56 BR night force, 200 cases, wilson dies, Hornady GS 1500 scales, stoney point OAL guage, Comparater body, 20 br brass, lee priming tool. Not sure of the round count on the barrel as he only got to shoot with us a couple of times. Rifle is in a custom stock fibre glass or graphite. He has had to leave the state for family reasons,
Looking for around the $3400 mark ono, email me at and I can send photos

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