SOLD Custom 22LR Benchrest rifle for sale (Anschutz 2013)

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SOLD Custom 22LR Benchrest rifle for sale (Anschutz 2013)

#1 Postby jasmay » Fri Oct 20, 2017 1:21 pm

Selling my custom built 2013.

It sits in a carbon fiber barrel blocked stock, has a Lilja barrel, harrels tuner and leupold 40x45 scope.

Also comes with original 2013 timber stock and if anyone picks it up a it 300 rounds of Elley ammunition.

Lowey bolt protector and hard case to sweeten the deal.

Rifle held the smallest group for the year until just recently, printing a .091" and Belmont SSAA Tuesday night rimfire, so it shoots very well.

Transferring dealer: Wild Dog Custom
Dealer License: 50000406
Firearms License Number: 10118891
Firearm Serial Nimber: 3081180


Call Me On: 0409877216 located in Qld.
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