Stolle Panda, three barrels and heaps of components

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Stolle Panda, three barrels and heaps of components

#1 Postby Winston » Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:29 pm

G'day All,

I'm looking to buy the Bat 300wsm listed here and for the sake of domestic harmony, if a new rifle enters the safe, an old one must leave it first!

Open to offers here for the whole kit, may part out depending on interest. I put a gutload of money into this setup as my do-all target rifle and never intended on parting with it so I won't be letting it go for a song.

It's on usedguns at $6k as a starting point

Stolle short action
Kelbly 25 MOA rings
JAG Precision Stock (ST1000 copy)
What I believe is a Kelbly BR stock (stupidly lightweight laminate)

22-250 Ackley Barrel and components
This shoots very bloody well and I took out my debut OPM with it recently. Should have a pretty reasonable barrel life with current load of 41.6gr of 2225 at 2900fps
1:7 Truflite, Palma contour
100 Lapua cases (50 fireformed, 50 4 times fired)
1300 Berger 90gr VLDs
400 Berger 80.5gr Fullbores
Wilson seater with micrometer top
Redding Body Die
Lee Collet Die

284w Barrel and components
Border 5R 1:8.5 twist that was rechambered/set back from my 7wsm at 400 rounds. It is unfired on the current chamber
100 Bertram Cases
500 Berger 180 hunting VLDs
Wilson seater with micrometer top
Wilson Neck die
Lee body die (a gutted 30/284 fls die)

6X47 Lapua Barrel and components
Maddco 1:14, unfired
50 4x fired lapua cases
400 or so Berger Column projectiles
Forster ultra micrometer two die set

email or phone/text 0422823505


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