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Here you have an audience of people with similar equipment needs. Chances are that someone will have what you need or vice versa.

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give away

#1 Postby 308encore » Fri Dec 28, 2018 10:05 am

heap of books give away . too many to post.
have a pile of books to give away. pick up only, take them all .only condition is you take all of them
have a pile of books to get rid of . pm me if you want them.
Lindbergh/golden miles -holden,abandon ship/weary dunlop/korean atrocity/spirit of the digger/the strength of a nation/korea rememebered/the best war stories/a bastard of a place/exotic trpical fish/fighters/super bikes/super cars/ww1,ww2 album/encylopedia of motor cycles/bike yr 1983/british motoring/the anzac spirit/gallipoli/vince flyn x4 4.war monthly magazines from the 70`s around 60 off. I AM ON BRISBANE NTH SIDE

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