WTB Beginner Target Rifle

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WTB Beginner Target Rifle

#1 Postby Acco » Wed Sep 05, 2018 9:48 pm

New to this page. Looking for a beginner Target Rifle O Mark, Dale or similar have been shooting F class and want to have a play with some Peep Sights show me what you have please Preferably.308 Win and located in Victoria but will consider others. Thanks in advance.

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Re: WTB Beginner Target Rifle

#2 Postby ben_g » Wed Sep 05, 2018 11:04 pm


I have an Omark Devcon bedded in a Weeks stock.
It’s got a Black mountain barrel that shoots very well (shot a few 60.6’s) with the scope on at 600yards.
Central sight with 1/3 minute clicks
1” tunnel with various rings.

Also have a Gehman glove, single point sling, coat (for a big guy) and would come with a tapered rail.

Would be willing to do a sharp price as it’s been sitting in the safe unused for a few years now, I shot TR with it for about a year before the Fclass bug bit me.
It’s plenty accurate enough to start in TR

Shoot me a PM if your interested.

PS I am heading to Wangaratta this weekend if your going that way, happy to bring it along if you want to view.

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