223 Rem throat length

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Re: 223 Rem throat length

#16 Postby Flier » Sun Apr 01, 2018 3:29 pm

I've got a Sako Varmint 24" 1:8 which has the same chamber as my mate's Tikka 1:8 - at least we get exactly the same COAL measurements and share the same loads - mine being about 30-50fps faster than his 22.5" barrel.

I've not been able to get the 70gr RDFs to group at mag length (2.260-2.280") using BM2, 2206H, or RL15 - does anyone have a good load for this bullet, preferably using any of the above powders?

On a related note, I've just loaded some Sierra 69gr TMKs (2.275" - mag length) with the following (haven't shot them yet):

BM2 - 22.2-23.4gr
2206H -23.6-24.8gr
RL15 - 24.4-25.2

I've also loaded a couple of 75gr ELDs (2.455" - 0.015" off the lands) using 24.1 and 24.5gr of RL15.

Do ^these^ look right?

We've had some outstanding groups with the lighter 53gr Varmageddon and Vmax using 25.1-25.3gr of BM2, but apart from the 70gr RDFs, I've not shot anything heavier and would like to find a single shot load (75gr ELD?) for F Class and a heavier mag-length load (69gr TMK or 70gr RDF) to compliment my offhand/varmint load.

Help appreciated! (Yes, this is my first post.)

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