Seeking Experience loading 143gn ELD-x & 147gn ELD-M in .260Rem

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Seeking Experience loading 143gn ELD-x & 147gn ELD-M in .260Rem

#1 Postby bad_primer » Tue Nov 07, 2017 10:48 am

Hey everyone

I have found some 147gn ELD-M and 143gn ELD-X to trial in my .260Rem.

I am seeking any experience people might have with loading for either of these projectiles and what powders people might have tried. My inclination is that 2209 would be appropriate and starting with loads advised for 142gn projectiles. Rifle is a 26” med Varmint in a KRG stock.

Just keen to get any advice


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Re: Seeking Experience loading 143gn ELD-x & 147gn ELD-M in .260Rem

#2 Postby watrob » Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:33 pm

I have just finished testing the 162gn ELD-M 7mm, I loaded .010" & .005" jammed, .000" touch, thru to .005", .010", .015", .020", .025" .030" jumped and was surprised that a light .000" touch shot one hole groups at 100 yards. The group slowly started to open up at .005" jump and got larger as I reached .030" Jump.

Having shot Berger bullets at either .010" jam for VLD's and .010" jump for the Hybrids and .025" jump for the 183gn SMK's 7mm I was surprised to have the ELD-m just having a soft touch to the lands and shot a tight group.

I am not saying the 147 & 143 will be the same but don't over look the .000" touch when testing, I nearly did, I have probably shot over 1500 Berger 7mm 168gn VLD's thru two barrels and found them difficult to keep in tune and would only ever shoot at .010" jammed and were accurate enough but the ELD's are tighter and have a better BC than the Berger's.

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Re: Seeking Experience loading 143gn ELD-x & 147gn ELD-M in .260Rem

#3 Postby lee_enfield223 » Wed Nov 08, 2017 8:21 pm

I know that all the testing that I have done with the 260rem, this is including three different rifles,,shooting 140gr nosler custom match projectiles NONE liked 2209, yet ALL loved 2213sc and all shot sub 1/2 moa , plus I am getting 2760fps with 2213sc

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