Several primers not showing much pin strike

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Re: Several primers not showing much pin strike

#76 Postby KHGS » Fri Nov 24, 2017 3:59 pm

bainp wrote:I have been trying to contact Neville Madden to buy a new spring. He is not answering his phone today but I will continue trying.
I have now photographed inside of the primer that was in my post from yesterday. It looks on the verge of blanking up the firing pin hole.
Inside primer.JPG
Can a weak firing pin cause this?
I would have thought excess pressure would be the most likely cause. But I am not losing cases to primer pocket expansion and 296 cases didn't show any problems out of 300 fired at the last matches.

Phill I suggest that you reread my post & not just dismiss it!!!!!
Keith H.

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