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Re: Lee Collet Neck Die

#16 Postby pjifl » Mon Oct 16, 2017 2:40 pm

One of the great advantages of the Lee Collet Dies is that a user can usually modify them to suite unusual cartridges or wildcats.
One needs to start with a Lee Collet Die intended for the desired calibre diameter but long enough and fat enough to take the case. Then machine up spacing disks and rings so the die then works on the desired case. They come apart easily and you can see how they work. In fact you should always dismantle a new one and examine and maybe polish the closing taper and occasionally grease this part which can sometimes stick in operation.

For example, I could not source a 6BR Lee Collet Die years ago but easily modified a 243 one to work on the 6BR case. I have no idea whether Lee make a 6BR Collet Die but what is more pertinent is who keeps what stock ?

Although you need a Lathe, the machining of spacers does not need to be very accurate.

Keith has mentioned that the mandrill can be modified by polishing it down with emery paper. Or you can even make a very slightly oversized one. Best hardened but not essential. Thus you can adjust for the grip on the projectile. Other points have also been mentioned previously now I read all the replies more carefully.

I consider then one of the most useful things that Lee makes. Their method of operation depends more on good design that on ultra accurate die construction.

Peter Smith.

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Re: Lee Collet Neck Die

#17 Postby GrahamW » Tue Oct 17, 2017 8:14 pm

OK I know it's an old thread but seeing as Alan & Peter have resurrected it I'll throw my two bits in.... :wink:

I've been using the Lee collet die for about 4+ years and I'd say it would be the one thing that has cut my loading times by at least 30% and improved the accuracy of my reloading by at least that much as well.

A couple of things not mentioned in previous posts (that I noticed)....

1: (not sure if this is mentioned in the instructions that come with the Lee Collet Die these days but it was with mine)
... "Option: Even more accuracy can be obtained by rotating the case one half turn and sizing the case a second time"

I have always used this "second resize" method so can't comment on whether it makes a difference or not... but it does make sense to me.

2: When I bought my first Lee Collet Die it came with an Alloy (screw down) Cap which quickly failed under pressure (possibly due to incorrect setting, but I don't think so).
In any case I found a "Lee Collet Die Steel Replacement Cap" (@ Western Firearms, Beverly Hills 2209) which has solved that issue with the failing alloy cap.

3: Occasionally, depending on the amount of use, you might find the collet locking up and crushing a case. This is easily fixed by pulling the die apart and cleaning, I use a light touch of graphite powder on the outside of collet to prevent it.

Graham 8-)

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Re: Lee Collet Neck Die

#18 Postby Normmatzen » Mon Nov 20, 2017 7:18 am

Lee does make a custom 284 WIN collet die. I use one for my F Class gun.

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