7mm bullets, 180 hybrid, 183 Sierra 195 Berger

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Re: 7mm bullets, 180 hybrid, 183 Sierra 195 Berger

#31 Postby macguru » Sat Jul 21, 2018 5:24 pm

looks promising, i think mine is one of the barrels that can shoot the 183s, its an 8 twist, tight4 groove pacnor supermatch. got a 90.7 but the group seemed to have 2 nodes about 1/3 moa apart so ill go up and down 0.1gr and try again..... also i was jamming 15thou might be a bit too much, and i have not measured the projectiles....

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Re: 7mm bullets, 180 hybrid, 183 Sierra 195 Berger

#32 Postby watrob » Thu Aug 23, 2018 11:00 am

Have found the 183gr SMK's really likes a .008" to .010" jump. Have now lifted my load of 2213 to 61.0 grs, bullets are Boron coated, added a tuner also, now running at around 2950 FPS. I shot the Warwick 300 Fly last weekend in trying conditions, 33kph winds, gusting to over 40kph at times. My shooting partner won using a HG 300 Rem Mag with 220 grainers, I came second but winning best group with a 1.020" and a target score of 58.2, one bullet just popped out.

Am testing again this weekend and will try to get the 183 SMK's up to around 2980 mark there seems to be another node up there, I get the impression these bullets cut the wind better at the high 2980's FPS mark.

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Re: 7mm bullets, 180 hybrid, 183 Sierra 195 Berger

#33 Postby GSells » Thu Aug 23, 2018 6:19 pm

watrob wrote:
macguru wrote:Anyways I bought a box of 500 of the 183gr pointed matchkings to try and i will load the with about 55/55.5gr 2209 in the saum and see what happens. 10 thou jam and its a very long COAL.
my barrel is an 8 twist pacnor supermatch

Try 2213, and they shoot jumped around .008" and the jump band is very narrow, maybe .010" max down to .005" jump but vertical will set in. I re-tested last week my winter load and 3 shoot groups at 100 yards were under .150" ES of 2 x 3 shoot groups was 5.


I lifted the up the powder charge for winter, I also Boron coat my bullets so run around 0.5 of grain more powder. I fined my node is around 2885 to 2900 FPS. I run a 8.5 twist.

Hi Rob I really appreciate your info . U could just choose to keep it to yourself, but thankfully U choose the opposite.
Just as a comparison; and I’m a firm believer that the 280 ai and saum are nearly the same in performance! With Berger 180 brids and 59 flat 2213sc and br 2’s , I’m pulling 2900 FPS in the winter .
Thought u may find this a little interesting?
Regards Graham .
Ps 9 twist . :)

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Re: 7mm bullets, 180 hybrid, 183 Sierra 195 Berger

#34 Postby watrob » Tue Sep 04, 2018 12:01 am

Hi Graham, The 7mm SAUM just seems to be getting better and better. Came second again at the comp on Saturday, beaten by .9 of one point, now running the SMK 183gr (boron coated) with 61.4 grs 2213. They seem to like to run hard, have added a tuner also, running at around 2970fps.

Took out the 1000 yards comp a couple weeks back also, HG is running 180gr Berger Hybrids at 3080fps, 10 shots, 9" group, LG is running 140gr Berger Hybrids at 2920fps and shot a 4" group at a 1000 yards.

Now running up another 2 rifles for 500M, HG 7mm/300 WSM Imp, shooting 180 hybrids at around 2965fps, LG is a .284 short throat running Berger 168 grs at 3005fps with a tuner (high node), only need 600 rounds out of the barrel for the season, cases are holding up ok, 2209 at 53.8grs (bullets boron coated), have tested up to 54.5 grs.

Won't run 9" twist cut rifling barrels with 180 Berger Hybrids anymore, minimum is 8.5, also prefer barrels with a little bit of choke, its been implied that the hybrid has a wobble before it settles down when shot from 9" twist, anyway found 8.5" twist barrels shot better for me.

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