Has anyone used Vihtavuori N160 in 308W

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Has anyone used Vihtavuori N160 in 308W

#1 Postby bainp » Wed Jan 09, 2019 6:07 pm

I am looking for advice on whether I am wasting my time in trying VV N160 in 308W with heavy bullets. Bullets would be from 208 to 215g.
I have used N150 with heavy bullets in the past but it tends to spike too soon. I get great results with N150 and bullets from 155g to 185g. I have also tried N550 with heavy bullets (210's) but also had a lot of trouble. I know for some Match rifle competitors that N550 is their powder of choice when they can source it from dwindling supplies.
I have got a small quantity of N160 so I can work up loads if it is worthwhile to experiment with. I can also obtain it easily in the UK where I will be competing later in the year so supply in the short term is not problematical.

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