Abrasive cleaners and copper fouling

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bruce moulds
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Re: Abrasive cleaners and copper fouling

#31 Postby bruce moulds » Sat Jan 12, 2019 11:05 am

instructions on the bottle are not to be trusted until proven.
i tried a non abrasive solvent which the instructions said to leave in the barrel, thinking it was preferable to using an abrasive where possible.
well it set like concrete, and took a lot of getting out.
one can only assume the barrel is no longer what it was prior.
probably a good product, but not according to that instruction.
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Re: Abrasive cleaners and copper fouling

#32 Postby ben_g » Sun Jan 13, 2019 7:05 am

I’m interested to know peoples thoughts on which is the lesser evil, carbon or copper. Also if a barrel is picking up a little more copper besides making it a bit harder to clean what effect does this have on accuracy over the course of a normal days shooting (say 60shots)

I have only had a handful of barrels compared to some of the experienced shooters here, I try to stay on top of hard carbon deposits with my bronze brush and solvent as soon as possible after finishing shooting. Early in the barrels life this does the job well and on my first 284 barrel is all that was required until accuracy drppped off around 1800shots, my second 284barel is pretty young with 550shots on it and has not seen any paste yet and hopefully won’t nees it like the first one.

I had two 6.5mm barrels and as the round count got on they responded well (on the target) to sparing use of iosso paste in the chamber end of the barrel every 300rounds or so, my Dasher (now over 1000shots gets the same treatment now with sparing use every 300 or so shots.

Most cleaning topics seem to centre around keeping that hard carbon at bay, so if the barrel is holding a little more copper later in life due to some abrasive use is this going to be an issue on the target?

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