Big Tick for MagnetoSpeed People and Agents

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Big Tick for MagnetoSpeed People and Agents

#1 Postby bobped » Wed Nov 21, 2018 12:12 pm

I just wanted to give a big tick to the MagnetoSpeed people in the USA and also to their Australian Agents - Huntsman Sales in Townsville. (

I've had a MagnetoSpeed for a couple of years now. It developed a problem with a loose electrical contact in the Display unit.
On Monday I emailed MagnetoSpeed in the USA asking if there was somewhere I could send it for repair.
On Tuesday I got an email reply from the USA saying it would be too expensive and impractical to repair and that they would replace the unit on warranty and also that they had instructed their Australian Agents to do so.
About an hour after receiving the email from them, I got a phone call from Craig at Huntsman Sales (Townsville) asking for an address to post the part to.
They have now sent it via Express Post and it will be here on Friday! All at absolutely no cost to me. From Go to Whoa in five days.

As I said - a big tick to both MagnetoSpeed and Huntsman Sales.


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