6.5mm Hornady projectiles in 6.5x47L

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6.5mm Hornady projectiles in 6.5x47L

#1 Postby ben_g » Mon Aug 13, 2018 8:31 pm

G'day guys.

My dad who is a casual weekend shooter and comes out with me on saturdays using my gear has finally picked himself up a rifle!

He's picked up a nice Savage with a Kreiger 8T barrel, it's been built as a light fly rifle so will weigh down around 17lbs.

Dad is comfortable enough shooting my 10kg 284win but is much more comfortable with the Dasher barrel on it so I am thinking of trying the lighter end of the spectrum for the 6.5mm

Does anyone have experience with the 123 and 130gr Hornady ELD's? I had good luck with Berger 130's but supply is a big issue so thinking of stocking up on ELD's if they will shoot.

I will of course get him to try some 140's but I think he will enjoy it more with the lighter pills

Keen to hear experiences

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Re: 6.5mm Hornady projectiles in 6.5x47L

#2 Postby AlexE » Sun Aug 19, 2018 5:50 pm

If your throat isn't too long, maybe try a 123 smk. Their pointed g7 BC, according to applied ballistics 0.272 (g1 0.531). That's a 130 class BC in a lighter pill.

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