Fund-raising for FCWC

This Forum is provided for members who want to help our F-Class teams. You can start your own topics to pledge donations, or start fund-raising initiatives.

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Fund-raising for FCWC

#1 Postby AlanF » Wed Mar 29, 2017 10:18 am

If any individual or group wants to help with fund-raising, and announce or run it via you are most welcome. You may want to run an online auction, or pledge a monetary donation, or do some other activity which will work on the forums.

Following are some contacts in the various teams so that you can find out exactly how to deliver any proceeds of your fund-raising.

FCWC Teams, both F-Class Open and F/TR : PM ShaneD

Rutland Cup F-Class Open Team : PM Peterla

Rutland Cup F/TR Team : PM Betta

These people will be able to provide bank account details for direct deposit, or alternative payment methods.

I believe the Rutland teams will be particularly grateful for help because they don't have the same sponsorship opportunities as the national teams.

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