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Re: FCWC 2021

#61 Postby bainp » Wed Mar 21, 2018 12:19 pm

The decision has been made to hold the 2021 FCWC in South Africa. Everybody can make their own decision to travel there or not. I wouldn't travel there but I also wouldn't travel to Bali or Thailand. I travel to the UK and Europe regularly, making an assessment of the dangers involved. My assessment of SE Asia and Africa is that it is more dangerous than Europe, yet thousands of Australians each year must not have the same risk assessment of those places that I have.
If your assessment of it being too risky to travel to South Africa, don't go. Wait for the following FCWC competition before nominating, it is entirely your choice.

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Re: FCWC 2021

#62 Postby AlanF » Wed Mar 21, 2018 9:57 pm

Topic locked before it gets too heated.

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