F-Class World Championships 2017

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Re: F-Class World Championships 2017

#256 Postby bartman007 » Sun Aug 27, 2017 6:58 pm

What a FANTASTIC experience it has been. I'd recommend it to anyone who loves this sport of ours. Spending 3 solid weeks with your team mates, builds a special bond which will last a lifetime. Thanks all for your friendship, and the good times we had!

After seeing the guys come back from Raton with an incredible WIN, I felt it might be nice to have a go at that one day.

For me the journey started in 2015 when I went to NZ as coach of the F-Open Team competing in windy Wellington (Upper Hut). I knew I had to improve if I was to have any chance of coaching in Canada. I had Bob.P to thank for getting me moving, and lifting my confidence in my ability to make wind calls.

After a successful trip to NZ, I then went through team training which took my coaching to a new level. I took on board so much of what Dave.M and Richard.B and Greg.W had to say, and it made me a better coach! Their openness to share information was the key to our success. It is about raising everyone's skill level so that we have a chance to win.

Knowing now what it takes to perform at that high a level, I am keen to assist others in our ranks to get ready for 2021 in South Africa.

I say for those interested in the next trip, start working on it now. Get into your DRA and State Teams, and demonstrate that you have what it takes. And most of all, show that you can keep that up for an extended period of time. We were busy every day of the 3 weeks that we were in Canada, with each day starting around 6am. The main event was at the end, so you must have stamina.

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Re: F-Class World Championships 2017

#257 Postby BATattack » Sun Aug 27, 2017 11:34 pm

Well back home and the dust has settled, caught up on some sleep and domestic duties and let it all sink in!

An amazing trip with some fantastic people. I hadn't had a huge amount to do with a lot of the guys prior to the team but we all seemed to work well together and have made some good mates out of it

The hours and hours of planning and preparation that go into attending an event like this is phenomenal. Rite from the top with Shane, Sharron, Rod, Dave and Craig "herding cats" through to others like Stuart and Richard organising things like uniforms, stickers and sponsorship. Then onto the team members who prepped, tested, prepped, prepped, tested, practiced, travelled, prepped, packed, weighed, repacked, tested . . . . . . id hate to add all the hours that I've spent at the range testing or in the loading room over the last 4 years to be ready for and event like this. Multiply that by 32 for the rest of the Australian team members and the 12 plus rutland team members and that a lot of very patient partners, family and friends!

I was fortunate enough to be a part of the FO team which started our campaign on the very solid systems and foundation of the previous teams success. Dave Mc imparted much of his knowledge during the trials and practices and passed over the reins to Craig. Craig did an exceptional job as captain at short notice as a leader having to make some tough calls along the way. Magnificent Marty . . . what can I say . . . a true wordsmith "touch that and I'll break your F%$N fingers" will eco in my mind for years! haha you knew when it was game on and pushed us to be better but knew how to lighten the mood when needed.

Coaches did a great job. Shooting during the individuals highlighted how "twitchy" the range could be with very subtle indicators. Mike and Laz dialled into the subtleties of the range and made some exceptional calls with Richard and Rod strategizing in the background.

Shooters. I have never seen 8 rifles and shooters as accurate as those used for those two days. We know why they worked and am confident of repeating and improving on that standard.

The "others" :-) Most probably wouldn't realise how important these auxiliary rolls really are! I didn't appreciate that fact as much as I should have until we were there. It highlighted how it didn't matter how hard the coaches and shooters worked to earn points if the scorers, check scorers or plotters were leaking points due to errors then we are in trouble. Those guys stepped up and adapted to fill roles that we only identified over there and that really improved how the team worked.

"the system" Dave and Pete and all others that helped to develop the system. Its a powerful tool and I think we are starting to see its flexibility and how it can be used differently in a variety of circumstances. I already have some ideas and I know the coaching team already have things in mind so there is plenty of scope for improvement.

All these small things were brought together within the team and once the system starts flowing its a great thing to be a part of. We didn't hit our straps on the first day but at the end of the second day regardless of the scores I was pumped!! The coaching, shooting and teamwork was great and we had done the best we could. If anyone could beat it they deserved the medal but fortunately once all the scores were in we had done enough.

Commiserations to the FTR team . . . . . You guys and girls did an amazing job! sooooo close! Considering FTR has only been shot in Aus for what. . . 5years? and to be leading for 5/6 ranges is a scary thing! I'm sure there are wheels already turning and when it all comes together I think you will be setting a new benchmark for FTR.

Last but not least . . . the sponsors!

Nightforce Optics and in particular Jamie. Thanks for your great products and support! I now run 15-55 competitions on 3 rifles and have been really impressed it the optics and mechanics. I seem to be able to run higher magnification in mirage and even low light and still maintain clarity that I couldn't before. Some additional / modifications to reticles would make these an even more attractive model.

Bartline barrels. Thank you frank for backing us and Craig for doing a lot of the legwork to make it happen. Fantastic barrels which shot well and are almost a pleasure to clean help maintain accuracy throughout the event.

Berger Bullets. Shoot better. shoot Berger! everyone on the FO team were shooting Berger bullets so it must be true! The only thing we would like more than Berger bullets is a more consistent supply of Berger bullets! :-) Keep the presses running and keep our shelves stocked!

Ziersch custom rifles do all my gunsmithing. Jerome built 3 out of 8 FO rifles used on the line during the teams and that is saying something for the quality of gunsmithing in Australia. Jerome is a machinist by trade and metalwork is exceptional and has been able to exceed my expectations tolerances and fit and finish. He is also making timber stocks and is able to create or modify profiles to customers requirements which is very handy to have a domestic supplier making a quality product with great customer service to back it up.

J&A shooting supplies in Horsham. I stumbled across these guys and their customer service and prices are great!! they stock "evolution" hard cases which are a copy of the pelican at nearly half the price and they are building stock of berger and lapua components to cater for us. If you are looking for a gunshop with great service get in touch with them!

Thank you to everyone that has helped us along the way! fellow shooters that have pushed us to be better, people that helped out pulling targets or cooking the BBQ's during practise and friends and family have all helped along the way we are happy we could bring a win home to Australian to make your hard work and patience worth while.



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Re: F-Class World Championships 2017

#258 Postby SteveL » Mon Aug 28, 2017 10:48 am

Hello Oz fclass, from Quebec city.
Yes we are lucky enough to still be traveling around Canada after the FCWC and loving it.

I would like to echo much of what has been said by the posts from my fellow team members, and would like to reinforce how special this win was to us as.
The feeling right from the moment we started shooting the Canadian nationals was as though we were a band of brothers!
I mean it, we were there for each other and there for the Australian team, everyone was there to win.

So here it is, thanks to my 15 team members for helping tick this off my bucket list.
Also special thanks to Dave Mac, PJSmith and Dave Stewart, whose leadership and guidance has been invaluable.
My congratulations also goes out to the Ftr team 2nd, and both Rutland teams for sold performances.
To Mike my fellow knob winder, all I can say is....... bockbock!

Haha, cheers Steve

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Re: F-Class World Championships 2017

#259 Postby ShaneG » Mon Aug 28, 2017 11:07 am

Hey Steve
What is the feedback on the Swarovski Binocular Spotter?
FYI Swarovski Australia lent our FO Coach a binocular eyepiece spotting scope for the Teams match.
There were only 2 in the country as Steve departed.

This is not taking away in any part the generous sponsorship by Nightforce on the rifles scopes.

The bino spotter was new and unique and may have helped with less eyestrain?
Having to sit behind a spotting scope all day is very taxing even with the highest quality optics!?

Enjoy the last of your holiday, mate

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Re: F-Class World Championships 2017

#260 Postby SteveL » Mon Aug 28, 2017 11:48 am

Hi Shane,
The Swaro's worked better than I ever imagined.
Seriously they were that good!
I will discuss the bennifits with you on my return, and am not sure if I want to give them back.
The quality of the optics combined with the binocular eye piece gave an exceptional depth of field and definitely enhanced the readability of the mirrage.
Just brilliant.


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Re: F-Class World Championships 2017

#261 Postby budget » Mon Aug 28, 2017 1:06 pm

congratulations guys and girls,
What an effort and what a performance.To travel the world and to perform as you have is something others only dream of,the friendships you forge and the camaraderie that develops remain forever.
well done.

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Re: F-Class World Championships 2017

#262 Postby John T » Tue Aug 29, 2017 12:57 pm


How sad it is that Connaught, once described as the prettiest range in the world, has declined to be a bag lady, rather than a Grande Dame? Why do the military resent target shooters? TRA shooters would think of Connaught as deja vu Pontville.

Have you been circumspect to avoid debate over which coaches were better, 2013 or 2017? As both Teams won, there is no point to such a question.

Maybe Mike and Steve exceeded expectations. So did Dave and Dave. The real point is that the core group came up with the winning combinations. "Where do we find such men?" (James A. Michener) I suspect other Teams also wonder.

What is the scuttlebutt on USA Day 1? Something serious must have gone wrong. Was it Family Tompkins? Where were Trudie Fay (-winning Bronze in the Rutland Cup) and Emil Praslick (-winning Silver)? And where was that other gentleman of US F Open, Jim Murphy (-top scoring in the Gold winning Team)? From a (very long) distance, USA seems to have had selection issues.

You say there was "a small hiccup" at 800 on Day 1. Whilst Canada gave us a 7 point spanking, Australia was still second at that range. The cool heads and talent of your unit resolved the issue and we went on to win 900 by 3 points from Canada.

Then the range that decided the Gold; 700 on Day 2; Australia 599, Canada 590. Australia had the best aggregate at 700, 1195, from USA on 1190, proving yet again that if you get'em where it's easier, you're harder to chase down. "I dropped a couple early but can get'em back at 900(1000)" is a myth.

We also won the 900 aggregate with 1150 from Canada, 1147.

Your unit did indeed out coach well established legends of long range shooting.

It is not within the ethos of the Australian F Open Team to single out individuals. However, it is inevitable that there will arise the statement- "We couldn't have done it without him." You are one to whom it applies - twice.

You must be immensely proud.

Very best regards,
John Tracey.

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Re: F-Class World Championships 2017

#263 Postby RDavies » Tue Aug 29, 2017 2:09 pm

John, I wouldn't like the issue with the flags to overshadow all of the great points about the range. Yes, flags were not optimal, but the same can be said about some other premier ranges in the world. As has been mentioned, the flags were out of the organisers controls. The range is still one of the grand dames from what I saw. It is still the best set up major range in the world of that size, nice, flat and grassy, lots of targets. The target crew were overall the best I have seen, so nice not to need competitor marking during 10 days of shooting. The weather on the whole was very enjoyable, with only one patch of rain, but shooting was called off once it became apparent a major front was on its way. It was not too cold in the morning, or too hot during the day, it pretty much suited competitors from all countries. The facilities on the range, while a little strained due to the numbers, were good. The range was nice and handy to accommodation, shopping, gun shops and other conveniences in one of the nicest cities in the world. It was well run by friendly people without the drill sergeant feeling from range staff. The decisions made after the rain out were spot on, no bias to any teams or individuals shown by any of the organisers. I think that the general feeling among the vast majority of shooters in attendance was that it was one of the most enjoyable major competitions they have ever attended. Overall, while it may not have been perfect, for a competition of this size, can anyone think of a range more suitable?
As for which coaches were better, I would be more than happy to spend the rest of my time being coached by any of the coaches we had at either event, they are all equally the best coaches we could have fielded.

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Re: F-Class World Championships 2017

#264 Postby AlanF » Tue Aug 29, 2017 11:19 pm

Article on ABC Far North online news (scroll down for FCWC report) http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-08-29/rifle-shooting-grandma/8851532.

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Re: F-Class World Championships 2017

#265 Postby ScottyB » Wed Aug 30, 2017 11:07 pm

Thanks for the very kind words Rod, and congratulations to you and all of the Australian team on a tremendous showing at the FCWC.

I don't normally do this but I did feel compelled to speak up about the conditions at Connaught that were raised, our relationship with the Canadian Forces, and the suitability of our range to host World Championships.

RAVEN wrote:It’s controlled by the military and they don't really care about other events held there.

Simply not true. We had tremendous support from many of the Canadian Armed Forces members there that would have made running the event otherwise impossible. While there were a few key challenges with respect to getting things done/fixed on OUR time line it is unfair to say that "they" don't care.

RAVEN wrote:One flag line only had 1 of 4 flags up the reason being no hardware and it seems some sort of over whelming problem for the military to be rectified even though Will Chou had been requesting it for 3.5 years.

Only partially true. There were exactly 2 poles on the right side of the range that did not have flags on them. The other 18 poles on the range all had flags, including the 4 new poles that the Canadian Forces had installed at our request last year. The hardware having been pulled off was a new issue as of June. Nobody appears to know what happened to it, but due to the vagaries of government contracts we were not able to either a) have it fixed ourselves, b) convince our Public Works department that fixing it was a higher priority than the other projects they had going on.

I won't get into detail on some of the other critiques of the flags other than to say that I disagree with the scale of the problem as presented, but in talking with our competitors over the course of the 2-3 weeks all but a handful would be extremely happy to come back to Connaught for an FCWC, or any other of the matches we host there.

Looking forward to seeing you all in South Africa.

Chief Cat Herder - 2017 FCWC

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Re: F-Class World Championships 2017

#266 Postby jasmay » Thu Aug 31, 2017 9:50 am

I Would have to echo Scott's sentiment here, it was a fantastic range, the facilities were great and the military personal were quite welcoming/forgiving all things considered. If you take into account probably over 500 civies "invaded' their base with all manner of firearms and vehicle, and tested the boundaries they were very forgiving.

Issues were handled well, in particular the rained out 800m shoot.

The flag missing was a minor concern IMO, it affected all shooter equally, and really Mirage was the key of the range anyway.

Scott and crew did a fantastic job, they set the bar for S.A. which wont make their job of hosting in 2021 an easy one.

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Re: F-Class World Championships 2017

#267 Postby ajvanwyk » Thu Aug 31, 2017 7:25 pm

Rosedale Rifle Club
Victorian Rifle Association

Frank Green
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Re: F-Class World Championships 2017

#268 Postby Frank Green » Thu Aug 31, 2017 10:05 pm

Again Congratulations to all!

Later, Frank

John T
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Re: F-Class World Championships 2017

#269 Postby John T » Mon Sep 04, 2017 7:37 pm

Hello Family.

Five FCWC over 15 years; not a long tradition, but one with a steep improvement curve. Look how the margins have reduced.

2009 Bisley.
Great Britain...3436-230
USA..............3377-234 (-59)
South Africa....3337-188 (-40) (-99) 2.281%

2013 Raton.
USA..............3475-308 (-15)
South Africa....3445-267 (-30) (-45) 1.289%

2017 Ottawa.
Canada..........3506-346 (-5)
USA..............3500-350 (-6) (-11) 0.313%
"..the nearest run thing you ever saw." (Arthur Wellesley. 1769-1852)

This was akin to a 3-way photo for the placings in the Melbourne Cup, with the Judge calling for a second and then a third print. Declared margins; a short half-nose by a short half-nose.

How did Australia prevail in such an impossibly close contest? There are answers, but unlikely to be told.

A simplistic answer is that at 900-1, Australia scored 565 to USA 554 (-11) and at 700-2 Australia scored 599 to Canada 590 (-9).

The coaches have been given their tick. What about the shooters and their gear?

A general question is, why have the margins closed? In F Open, the answer must be technical development and catch-up. Top coaches, tick; top shooters, tick. Top gear, you win. (There is more ,but, later.)

John Tracey.

Frank Green
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Re: F-Class World Championships 2017

#270 Postby Frank Green » Tue Sep 05, 2017 12:33 am

We uploaded the picture of the team that Craig had sent us. Hope it meets with all of your approval!?


Later, Frank

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