DRA Championships at Wellsford

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Barry Davies
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DRA Championships at Wellsford

#1 Postby Barry Davies » Wed Oct 24, 2018 7:41 am

Firstly --- Congratulations to the VRA on two days of top level competition comprising individual Champion of Champions and Teams championships.
Apart from losing a range on Saturday due to rain the whole program ran to perfection thanks to the pre organization by Nikki and Co and on the days by Peter, Carrol and the terrible twins ( in the butts )
I don't intend going into match details, that is all on the VRA web site.
In all, 37 champions competed--- 8 TR, 7 FS, 8 FO, 6 FTR, 3 TR Junior and 5 FC Junior. These numbers compare almost exactly with the previous two years except FC junior which is up. ( none last year )
An excellent weekend all around.
The VRA AGM was held Saturday evening and was well attended.
The motion that proposed doing away with DRA champion of champions and replacing it with ALL club champions was well discussed with about half for and half against. When put to the vote it was accepted --by a narrow margin. So next year all CLUB champions will be eligible to compete. As a result one would expect a noticable increase in numbers.
Surely this has to be in the best interests of shooting generally and despite the opposition by some I am optimistic that it will be successful.
As one person put it -- Why do people say it cannot be done when it has not been tried??? Negative thinking at best.
Another was worried that there might be 200 shooters there --- What?? 200 shooters -- so what ??? Bring it on.
Better things to come.

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Re: DRA Championships at Wellsford

#2 Postby benculton » Wed Oct 24, 2018 6:56 pm

We had a couple guys shooting in the teams championships. One in TR and one in F stand. Glad to hear that the proposal to have all club champions be able to compete next year got up.

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