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New heavily discounted Firearms Classified - GunsPlus

#1 Postby DaveG » Mon Jun 13, 2016 11:43 am

Hi fellow F-class shooters,
I've been helping a long time friend in Sydney, develop a new heavily discounted Firearms website for selling new and used Firearms, parts or accessories. It is now completed and we are just working with Google to move it up the rankings. I am hoping will encourage more people to trade surplus gear by lowering the cost to advertise to a basic $5 per ad rate (free for the 1st ad). A new major entrant into this space has also recently launched, but the $10 (private) and $20 (dealer) ads are still in my view unreasonably high, particularly for low cost items. It will be great if I get everybody's help, if even to make further suggestions and comments after viewing the website. I hope everyone will agree with me that sites like ozfclass and the various guns classified does connect more of us together as a community, and hoping my friends and I's contribution will be to bring the cost of trading our gear down to an absolute bear minimum as possible for a commercially operated site targeting all shooters across every shooting discipline.
Dave G
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