JTR F-OPen Stock

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JTR F-OPen Stock

#1 Postby Cement Bench » Fri Feb 05, 2016 8:06 am


As many of you already know there was once long ago in a land far away a bench rest stock called the JTR made by Robertson Composites who has been sold and the assets moved to Montana in the good old US of A. That stock when in production was sold to over 20 countries around the world and had ground breaking improvements for that sport. But all is not lost for Canadian shooters who yearn for a new JTR stock to shoot.

Introducing the JTR F-OPEN stock is now in production. It is a new and improved version of the old Robertson design sometimes called a speedy f-open. After speaking with the owner of the intellectual property of the design (which was sold by virtue of a court order when the business assets were sold by the courts when the new owner decided not to continue operating the company) it was decided by me that a new design was possible. I waited for the Montana company to produce wood stocks but this has not materialized to date.
If you take the OLD f-class design (which is still used quite successfully in the USA) and update it we should have a winner, and that my friends is exactly what has happened.
The Significant changes are as follows:
1. The keel or flat on the bottom of the butt area from the butt plate to just behind the trigger guard on the bottom of the stock remains flat but unlike the old style it is a straight design (not a taper which then is hard to hold the same tracking shot to shot) so this is MUCH BETTER.

2. The forend underside is now flat and does not have the recess of the old design, this allows two improvements, first you can place an Anschutz rail into the stock with more material to hold the rail in place and secondly, the underside can have a cut-out down the middle that some prefer when riding a front bag. (if you know the stock will never be shot with a bipod)

3. The grip angle has been changed by 2 degrees to become straighter. This has the benefit of allowing your hand to be more natural in angle (and thereby not break your wrist when shooting heavier recoiling guns). A better control of recoil by your wrist and forearm being in a better mechanical control of the tracking should result in less fatigue and more shot to shot tracking control when running those long strings in a STRING setting rather than in a mound setting.

4. More material about 400 thou or so has been added to the top of the stock just at or behind the rear of the tang on most actions, this allows a number of improvements. First the action then can be bedded without the rear panda tang sticking out in the air on some rifles. Secondly, the gunsmith in 5 minutes (if competent) can shape the area to be more aesthetically pleasing for the finished product. Thirdly it allows more flexibility when placing the action into the stock to find the proper height for the action to sit when taking into consideration where the trigger should be in relation to the trigger guard.

5. By having more material on the top of the action one can place the action up to an inch more towards the rear of the stock without looking funny when completed. This is important for a very basic reason that a lot of stocks have overlooked in recent times. Not only are there female shooters or guys with smaller hands now in the market for such stocks but there is another very good benefit to this being done. It is CRUCIAL that the trigger be addressed properly by having the tip of the finger on the trigger and to pull straight back. If you look at a lot of factory stocks and so called custom stocks the trigger is out of reach for most shooters to use comfortably. (take a look at the new placing of the trigger guard where the rear of the guard is cutting into the handgrip of the stock thus allowing the trigger to be at a comfortable position for most trigger fingers) I would venture to guess that 50 % of you REACH for the trigger and you should not.

6. Behind the handgrip the area can be shaped to reduce the angle to the butt thereby creating more material for the stock to RIDE OR FIT the ears better. A lot of shooters do not have the ears properly tuned to allow the gun to track properly. This cannot be stressed enough. The gun and bag have to be properly tuned to allow back and forth tracking to take place. Once this is done then you do not have to FIGHT THE BAGS, as it were.

7. There are a few other changes that have been incorporated into the stock but cannot be revealed at this time. Part of the reason for this post is not to only introduce a new CANADIAN stock design (following the great tradition or at least the start of a great tradition of JTR designing gunstocks for the competitive shooter around the world) before the others take or steal the idea and say that it is their own. Some Americans have gotten copies of this new design and will be touting it as their own in the next 60 days since they have not purchased the stock just going to take the ideas. That is fine as there are no patents and it would be silly to try to enforce stock patents but this will then remove the credit they will try to obtain with the resulting new and improved stock design to hit the competitive market.

8. Vent holes can be rounded off to reduce the finishing errors that can occur with the wood stock rather than composite models. Vents can also be changed to suit the shooter. Also simple emblems can be placed on to the stocks for country designations to allow one to have pride in where you are competing from.

9. Lastly, the side rails upon which the stock can ride on recoil have been increased to conform with the new NEO style rests now used in long range or f-class sports. From the country that brought you other world changing products like the Remple bipod now comes a line of JTR stocks, not the only stock BUT just THE BEST ONE.

If you order in the next 15 minutes we give you not one but 2 stocks with free shipping mmmmmmm wrong ad,

In all seriousness it has been a pleasure to create and see into production a new and improved version of an f-class stock and long range or 1000 yard bench rest for all to enjoy. These are being manufactured out of Calgary Alberta Canada (that is where the next president of the USA was born was he not) and the manufacture will contact the moderators and the owners of the site to see if he can post a couple of pictures as I do not have that talent. Soon the shooting fraternity will be out in full force trying to improve their collective shooting skills once again. I am confident this new and improved COMPETITION STOCK will add to that enjoyment, excitement and overall warm fuzzy felling when we are closer to our shooting goals. Thanks for reading about it and soon it will be revealed for all to see.

JTR stocks WorldWide Inc.

Per: J W

the stock maker has contacted a USA site folks and is in the process of buying a banner ad and then additional pictures or imformation will be added, please bear with us, I am only the designer and inventor of the product, we all know how stories get told after the fact so this post was to let everyone know of my design and not someone elser in 3 months who just got a copy of some pictures and quotes and now wants to claim it is his version after me working on it for over a year


YOU GUYS HAVE A GREAT STOCKMAKER DOWN THERE Joe west who does a rather long stock and it should track well,

anyway just trying to add to the discussion on how stock design can be somewhat complicated and it takes many hours with cad design to get the stock to work depending on what you are trying to achieve

Cement Bench

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Re: Recoil & Stock Design

#2 Postby DenisA » Fri Feb 05, 2016 8:27 am

I'm really looking forward to seeing photos of the JTR F-Open stock.

Brad Y
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Re: Recoil & Stock Design

#3 Postby Brad Y » Fri Feb 05, 2016 9:34 am

I believe Joe West is UK not Aus. Plenty of good stock makers here though.

Correct me if wrong, the JTR design is basically that of the old speedy f class which went through Robertsons, Stiller and possibly another maker as well? I really like the shape of this stock. Speedy continues to adapt this style of stock- his spear of destiny ones are nice looking too. I based my current stock roughly off this shape (had to draw it free hand as there are none here) and modified it a bit to suit what I wanted- including getting the action and barrel lower in the stock to make it behave better when fired.

Good to see someone so passionate about their product. Im sure it wont be long until we see someone in Aus with one (red tape permitting....)

MCRS Tactical
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Re: Recoil & Stock Design

#4 Postby MCRS Tactical » Fri Feb 12, 2016 4:34 pm

2 - ftr f class.jpg
Hi everyone,

Have to thank you again to Cement Bench for his kinds words.
As he mentioned we develop a new stock style JTR F Class (aka Speedy Robertson) and we offer FULLY CUSTOMIZED STOCKS based on speedy Robertson original design.
Bellow are some rendering generated images of the stock.
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MCRS Tactical
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Re: Recoil & Stock Design

#5 Postby MCRS Tactical » Fri Feb 12, 2016 4:42 pm

also we came out with one smoking cool and practical design
Speedy Robertson and Lowboy hybrid stock.
foreend - lowboy profile
grip buttplate - speedy robertson
the stock tracks flawless having rigidity of Speedy stocks combined with low profile from LowBoy stocks.
here are some images too.
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MCRS Tactical
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Re: Recoil & Stock Design

#6 Postby MCRS Tactical » Fri Feb 12, 2016 4:49 pm

Another very popular design is the SHURLEY SOD Brother stock.
We modified the design and came with a very nice stock. RIGID, TOUGH, Track flawless.
See attached images
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MCRS Tactical
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Re: Recoil & Stock Design

#7 Postby MCRS Tactical » Fri Feb 12, 2016 5:10 pm

We listen to the shooters - and we redesign the stock for EACH INDIVIDUAL SHOOTER.
EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT - SIZE, BODY CONFORMATION, OR on extreme cases (Physic limitation) and we find out if we listen all of this shooter and start offering them fully custom stocks from conception/design to finish product they will achieve higher scores what is impossible to get with FACTORY STANDARD STOCKS.
For us to go and get GENERAL F CLASS STOCK FOR $1000 and up and then you will notice this stock is not working for your needs is WRONG. WE MEAN IT...
is as you try and buy nr 8 shoe size when your foot is #10. IT NOT MAKES SENSE.
Period... will not fit you.
We could not achieve the above products without "CONCRETE CEMENT" mentor ship and his vast experience from F Class world.
We revolutionize the shooting industry here in Canada, and now we are extending in US by building stocks to fit each individual shooter / equipment. Huge advantage - cost, time consuming, resource, etc .
We design, build in house the stocks, and all accessories (from anschutz rail, adjustable cheek rest, adjustable buttplate, trigger guards, recoil pads) for each individual stock.

Check out our products, and if you don't find your DREAM STOCK we WILL DESIGN IT - BUILD IT - CUT IT for you.
On F Class world when you play the weight game and where every oz count... we solved that problem too. No need to cut down your barrel, or turn it down, just because you are few lb or oz over the limit. We build each stock based on your weight needed.
We choose different wood blanks based on your weight limit and even before finishing the design will let you know -how much weight will be your stock. If we have t cut more, will modified the design as needed to get you back in game...
This option is a HUGE BONUS - and just ask serious f class shooter how wrong is to start cutting corners on wrong equipment (barrel contour, lighten up you bipod) just because you don;t make the limit.

Even before starting designing the stock we ask all our customer how light or heavy they need their stock to be as closed to the max weight, and we do the necessarily changes to reflect it on the new stock.

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Re: JTR F-OPen Stock

#8 Postby willow » Thu Feb 18, 2016 8:37 pm

Very nice looking designs. Serious question time, how do I get one in Australia? Do you ship internationally or are you in the process of arranging an Australian distributor?

MCRS Tactical
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Re: JTR F-OPen Stock

#9 Postby MCRS Tactical » Sun Feb 21, 2016 10:36 pm

we are looking for distributors. but at the moment we are forced to apply for export permit for each individual sale.

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