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#1 Postby jasmay » Sun Jan 17, 2016 10:26 pm

Hi Guys & Gals,

As most F-Class’ers are aware, over the last few years Sebastian Lambang and myself have become quite close friends within the shooting sports, this friendship first blossomed when I had the opportunity to shoot with Ernie Bishop, (Sebs largest USA distributor) in 2012 in Raton NM. At that stage Ernie was a first time F Class shooter, Ernie however did have extensive experience shooting LR target pistols.

Giving Ernie his first F-Class lessons during a full competition, and assisting Seb when he left his ammunition at his hotel room was the start of 2 great friendships for me and out of this some fantastic news has come to fruition for all F-class shooters.

Seb, has suggested for some time I become a distributor of his products, I have never been one to jump into anything without considering all outcomes for all parties involved, I actually assisted Seb and the Q-Store coming together with Joypods in Australia. However over the last few months, after talks with Seb and a number of close shooting buddies, Tony Berry for one, I have decided to graciously accept this offer and become what I hope is his best distributor of SEB products in Australia. It’s Seb’s belief that the Australian market has room for a new dealer which is more focused within the F-Class community.

Starting with NEO rests (this is the first product that will be available to me through Sebs crazy production backlog) and his full line of front and rear bags and accessories, I will begin taking orders for his products, I currently have a small number of items in stock with another delivery due soon to get the ball rolling.
Later this year all going well, a new product will become available, this will be a starter joystick rest, aimed to be a top of the line entry level rest, competitively priced filling a gap at the bottom end with a precision product for which I will be the exclusive dealer, as more info and pricing becomes available I will keep all informed.

My focus initially will be on f-class shooters, I would like Sebs current dealer Rob Carnell to continue his foucs on Bench Rest shooters, however if shooters from other disciplines wish me to handle their orders I will not be turning them away.

The process will remain the same, first in first served and equipment will be made available in the the order that people place them, there will be one difference however, I will not be taking deposits for orders as has been the case in the past, due to the lengthy wait times that can be involved at times both Seb and I feel this is a lot to ask of anyone.

Well, I have said enough for now, most prices are yet to be set, if you have immediate queries or orders let me know and I will get back to you.
My contact number is 0409877216 and email is

Thanks guys, exciting times ahead!!

Jason Mayers

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#2 Postby seb » Fri Feb 05, 2016 3:25 pm

You will do great. Wishing you all the best buddy!

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#3 Postby jasmay » Sat Oct 13, 2018 9:17 am

Just an update on contact details.

Best contact method due to job circumstance change is

Phone does not work at the location of me new job, email is the best contact method or send an SMS and I should get them when I get home.

Sorry to those that have struggled to get a hold of me.


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