A CG Chassis for the Barnard P Action

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A CG Chassis for the Barnard P Action

#1 Postby Ovenpaa » Wed Dec 03, 2014 9:40 pm

I hope it is OK to share this with you guys in this part of the forum.... Here in the UK if someone wants a tube chassis it invariably has to come from the USA and they do have some great products however we have some alternatives here in the UK.

We released the CG Model 75 tubular chassis designed to accept the CG Model 41 rear locking rifle action last year, the chassis was the result of countless hours of work on the part of the the Designer Robert Chombart, Myself and Chris Quartermaine of Actionclear in Australia and was immediately greeted with some very favourable comments however there was always one inevitable question, ‘Are you going to do it for any other actions?’

Actually the answer was yes as the Model 75 chassis system components go into the CG Model 66 Light Tube Target (LTT) and Light Tube Repeater (LTR) rifles chassis systems with integral actions based on the CG Model 59 target and repeater actions, I could of course start telling you all about the relative merits of the 22,0mm three lug 60 degree bolts and 7075T6 receivers however this article is about our new chassis for the Barnard P action.

So why the Barnard P, well it is a very popular rifle action with many target disciplines and has performed flawlessly in Target Rifle, Match Rifle, F Open and F Class amongst others and is available with a variety of different bolt faces so it seemed like a logical choice. Equally to the point I had a spare Barnard P Action to grab some measurements from and Robert had a new pencil he was eager to use :)

Now you have to remember this design project was based on communications between a Brit and a Frenchman separated by many miles plus some water so mostly by email with the occasional telephone call to discuss the finer details. I sent over the basic dimensions, Robert did the drawings and I filled in the missing measurements and for the most the project went incredibly well. When it comes to such work some things are going to be fine tuned ‘On the day’ and a perfect example is the load port which had to match perfectly with the Barnard and with a smooth transition which was also aesthetically pleasing. Also Robert was keen to include a damper system within the stock rod interface (Rear part of the chassis) which is fitted in the tapered section just behind the bolt handle in the picture below.



So to the operation itself, the chassis comprises of a single length 50,0mm OD light metal tube with a series of slots cut into the front section to allow for heat dispersion, the tube is drilled to accept a mirage band on top and has a series of tapped holes on the underside to accept our range of after market accessories including a Target Rifle accessory which gives a good hand swell for TR shooters plus an Anschütz profile rail to allow a hand stop and sling attachment to be fitted. These can be quickly replaces with our F Open front bag rider with offset and undercut for ease of tracking or a bipod attachment rail to accept the majority of F/TR type bipods including the Shooting SHED Støtteben.

Moving back there is a trigger guard with A Hogue hand grip which can be replaced with a variety of alternatives including a hand carved Walnut version.

Behind the hand grip is the release system for the stock rod interface (rear section of the rifle) The version shown in these pictures is held in place with a single M6 cap head to conform to local laws in Australia however if you are a British shooter this can be replaced with a simple thumbscrew type knob which enables the stock rod interface to be removed and the rifle bolt taken away in a matter of seconds to facilitate ease of cleaning and satisfy the RCO who has just asked you to unload and show empty with the bolt removed. There have been a number of revisions to this system and I am very pleased with the current captive system.

The stock rod interface supports the cheek piece which can be adjusted forwards and backwards, plus canted left and right, reversed for left handed shooters and finally adjusted for height. The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed the normal thumb screw is missing and has been replaced with an M6 cap head, guess who has run out of thumb screws…

Further back is the rear clamp supporting the lower tube, this enables the length of pull to be infinitely adjustable and the offset and height of the Wegu curved rear butt pad can also be quickly adjusted, in fact I would go as far as saying this rifle chassis can be quickly adjusted to suit the vast majority of shooters with no more than a simple hex key.

The rear butt section is designed to accept a ladder adjustable rear bag rider for F Class disciplines and this has the advantage of being able to be adjusted at the firing point without hand tools independent of and without disrupting the height of the butt pad.

One question people raise is the subject of action serial numbers as they are invariably hidden inside the tube. There is an aperture on the left hand side of the tube (Not shown) that gives access to the screws on the bolt stop and we provide a plate to cover this which can be engraved with the receiver serial number for reference. Having said that the receiver is easily removed as follows:

Remove the stock rod interface and rifle bolt.
Remove the hand grip and the trigger guard, this is effected with a 5mm hex key.
Remove the cover/serial plate from the left hand side
Remove the trigger with the single fixing screw.
Undo the action screws from underneath the main tube and slide the barrel and receiver out from the front of the tube.

The break down procedure will take under 5 minutes and assembly is a matter of reversing the procedure, my experience is this will not unduly affect the point of impact or rifle zero. This also demonstrates how easily your barrelled action can be fitted to the CG Model 75BAR chassis, you can fit you barrelled action to the chassis, set the position to shoot your discipline and have your sights in place in under 30 minutes. Also it is important to point out the action does not need to be bedded or glues into the chassis.

The finish on this rifle is textured Cerakote for the chassis with textured Duracoat for the barrel. Colours for the rifle are a custom blue-graphite which the pictures do not do justice and black for the barrel with some subtle black details, it really is very striking and I can see myself owning a rifle in this colour combination at some point.

The rifle itself is fitted with one of our 20MOA rails and is chambered in a the 7mm Christel a 7mm RSAUM Wildcat for F Open. This particular chassis does not yet have the laser logos to both sides of the main tube and some of the stainless fixings still need blacking however I was so pleased with the finished item I just had to post a picture or two now, I know I am biased however it truly is a work of art in the flesh.

So is it coming to Australia? Too right it is, Chris Quartermaine at Actionclear is going to have them in stock in the new year.

http://shootingshed.co.uk/wp/2014/11/a- ... -p-action/
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