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#91 Postby Woody_rod » Thu Feb 25, 2010 10:30 am

Woody Engineering is now on Face Book. Go to and just search for us.

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CG INCH BDG F Class rifle

#92 Postby Woody_rod » Sun Mar 07, 2010 8:33 pm

CHeck this out:


We are competing this coming weekend in the South West Games, in shire teams FS comp. I put the barrelled action which I won a heap of money and a Grand Agg division at last years WA Queens prize back in to go to the comp.

The rifle has a kit that converts it in a few minutes from TR to FS/FO.

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#93 Postby Woody_rod » Wed Apr 07, 2010 10:01 am

Well, a quick update on a few things:

The South West Games went ok for us, we came 4th in the pairs and 4th in the triple teams events. Against hardened FS shooters, which we are not of course. With time we will improve.

On the CG INCH, we have 30 odd going to the heat treaters now. About 1/3 are already sold.

There is a new model coming in the CG INCH design: a larger diameter dual port action.

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New Dual port CG INCH F Class action

#94 Postby Woody_rod » Wed Apr 14, 2010 8:04 pm

We have a new version of the CG INCH, specifically aimed at F Class shooters. It will be known as the "F.INCH" (as in Finch) It is a dual port, ejector model, and will be available soon. The first ones will be machined this week.

Specifications of the new model:

Action body diameter: 40mm (1,574")
Main (ejection) port length: 85mm
Second (loading) port length: 70mm
Port widths: 15,6mm for both (actually 14mm)
Weight: around the same as the 38mm diameter Std INCH (1,4 kilos with trigger) will be confirmed in this thread within the next week. Edit: the body itself weighs 900 grams, which is 80 grams heavier than the std INCH.
Colours: As per the Std INCH; gold, silver and dark blue/grey
Bolt faces: 223Rem, 308Win and 300 Win Mag, others can be made to order
Trigger: CG UNI two stage trigger as standard fitment

Cost: Std CG INCH + AU$200 (i.e., AU$1,600 + GST)

Safety considerations:

The CG INCH is already one of the strongest actions made anywhere in the world. This one is just as strong, but has a few things included to make sure the user is safe from case pressures due to any possible failure.

The small port is located on the shooters side of the action, therefore may have a higher risk of gases going towards the face of the shooter. We have made the front of the port totally enclose the bolt face and ejector ends, where any possible gas may come from. The bolt face and case head are totally enclosed by the bolt itself, then further confined by the action body circling the bolt face.


The idea is to load rounds with the left hand, operate bolt handle with the right (or vice versa if the shooter is left handed), and should be much faster to operate than the typical no ejector/single port actions in use now.

Right handed bolt handle units have the shorter port on the left, longer on the right, ejector on the left of the bolt face to eject right. The loading port is angled downwards slightly to aid fast loading, the ejection port is straight in line with the bolt face. The ejection port is long enough (as is the std INCH) to eject a whole 308 round at 3,00" OAL.

The ejector is free floating (there is no spring), and will NOT put angular pressure on the case as it is loaded like so many ejectors do. It will eject as rapid or not as required by the operator simply by the force used to pull the bolt back. Anyone that has used a Millenium will know how this works.

This action is ideal for F Open rifles, but would also suit FS rifles.

Photos will be posted as soon as they are machined.
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#95 Postby Woody_rod » Wed May 12, 2010 8:19 pm

Here is the new F.INCH action body, mostly now completed:


This is the left view, of the loading port, the right port is longer for ejecting a whole round. Will accept and eject up to and including 300 WIn Mag.

Is highly polished, mostly for my own entertainment, but will be PVD coated in Titanium Nitride (gold colour).

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#96 Postby Woody_rod » Wed May 19, 2010 7:31 pm


Linda wins 5th badge at Wurgabup RC PM over the ANZAC long weekend, and just last weekend won the Midlands DRA meeting in Moora, with the same INCH rifle. Still using the AU made TSE barrel which is really humming now.


Thanks to Ian Syme for the great pic!!

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#97 Postby Woody_rod » Thu Dec 02, 2010 8:59 pm

Another update to show some developments in the past few months.



Some pics showing the new Eliseo stock using the CG INCH action - the CG1 model. It is in a metallic grey colour. These stocks are a clever design, and really friendly to handle. The pics show the rifle set up with a scope I had handy, which will be used to test fire the rifle on the weekend.

The workmanship of the Eliseo stock is first rate, and makes it easy to build a rifle on.

This rifle is for sale as a stock item at AU$4,400 incl GST (scope not included). The rifle comes with INCH action, CG UNI (X-Treme) trigger, Pac Nor 3 groove barrel (30 cal B150 chamber), scope rail and butt assembly, and also a screw adjustable cheekpiece as standard. Just add sights and go to the range!

We will be selling the Eliseo stock to suit the CG INCH action, for existing owners, and as new rifle builds in the near future.

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#98 Postby Woody_rod » Mon Jan 10, 2011 11:45 pm

Here is a short thesis on the subject of bolt compression / case stretching by Robert Chombart. (cross posted)


Bolt compression resistance: I have calculated the compression resistance of the INCH Bolt.
The cross sections of the Bolt decreases in steps from front to rear. At from 11 mm ahead of the Lugs bearing abutment (against the counter-lugs in the Receiver), it is still over a total of 35 tonnes before any compression could occur (Yes, 35,000 kilograms or 77,260 pounds). This represent 10 times the total pressure against the Bolt face of a .308-sized case head, 19 times those of a .223, and still 7 times those of a .338 Lapua Magnum.
This is for the total pressure exerted on rear thrust. Converted to the .308 bolt face, with its surface of .175 sq/inch , it represents 395,500 lbs/sq inch of capacity.

Comparing to military or sporting Rear Locking Actions:

In the case of an excessive pressure exerted axially against one end of circular solid,(the bolt body), is heavy enough to create a reduction in length, this solid increase in diameter (or bent if the force is not fully centered or the solid, itself eventually not symmetric in shape). This phenomenon is called ‘Buckling” or ‘Flambage’.
But if contained with close tolerances within another solid, thus preventing the radial expansion, any eventual reduction in length is impossible to occur because the cylinder cannot expand or flex. This is the case for the INCH in which the generously dimensioned bolt is maintained at close tolerance in the Receiver, with limited openings and generous cross sections.

This is different in the military or sporting repeater rear locking actions, the example being the SMLE, in which the small sectioned Bolt is not maintained due to the large and long openings for magazine well and loading port. The Bolt is only slightly maintained (with generous tolerances too) at front and rear. There is nothing here to contain the central buckling. Also the receiver flexes under stresses on those actions as well because of their asymmetric construction and vertical locking lug arrangement.

Choice of materials: The choice of material and treatments used in the construction also play an important role in general compression resistance. The material and treatment used for the INCH (as it was for the Millenium) has a Rm of 185 kg/ @ 52HRC (363,130 Lbs/sq.inch) as compared to the 120 kg/ @ 38 HRC (170680 Lbs/sq.inch) of a hardened 4140.

Conclusion: One important conclusion who can be draw from the above is that, the smallest cross section of the Bolt being the only one to consider and being only 11mm (.433’) long, this distance being inferior to those Bolt Recess / Rear of Lugs of a Front Locking action, it is a non-sense to attribute a case stretching tendency to a well designed Match Single Shot Rear Locking Action, notwithstanding the superior metal characteristics.

To repeat the main important aspect, the Bolt being fully enclosed in the action, the later acting as a super-strong outer collar preventing any inflation or flex (buckling) of the Bolt.

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#99 Postby flatlina » Tue Jan 11, 2011 12:40 am

Had a look and feel of Peter's Inch up here in Darwin . Looks and feels good. With the new stock how does the bolt come out when you are coming off the mound?


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#100 Postby actionclear » Tue Jan 11, 2011 10:22 am

flatlina wrote:Had a look and feel of Peter's Inch up here in Darwin . Looks and feels good. With the new stock how does the bolt come out when you are coming off the mound?


Hello John,

You mean the Eliseo stock I take it? The whole butt section comes off the back to remove the bolt. It is quite simple to do.

.308 Scoped Rifle

Western Australia.

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#101 Postby johnk » Tue Jan 11, 2011 11:22 am

Dammit, John, you have a way with words! :oops:

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#102 Postby Woody_rod » Sun May 08, 2011 8:25 pm

Here is an update on the INCH action from a South African point of view. Written and supplied as is from Bernie De Beers, SA Palma team. Keep in mind that the SA guys score their targets differently to us, although shoot on the same ICFRA target. Bernie wrote this for us to show how the INCH performed in their competition.


We have 4 major matches during our Championships, they are:

1. The Grand Aggregate - The aggregate of all individual scores in the designated Grand Aggregate Matches. It is all the individual matches shot over the first 4 days, total out of 660 points. This year we lost a match due to rain – total out of 555.


2. DMC DODDS - 553 - 58V - INCH ACTION
3. JA DU TOIT - 553 – 57V - INCH ACTION

Other shottist that uses INCH action under (within) the top 10 was :

8. GD HIGGS - 550 – 55V
9. J FOURIE - 550 – 53V

2. The State President's Trophy - This is the total of the 2nd and 3rd stages. This matches (2nd and 3rd stages) does not form part of the abovementioned match and scores. It is out of a total of 300 points.


1. JA DU TOIT - 298 – 34V
2. PA HAASBROEK - 296 – 22V

Other shottist that uses INCH Actions under (within) the top 10 was:

5.DMC DODDS - 295 – 30V
8.BJ PIETERS - 294 – 25V
10.LVW BRAND - 293 – 31V

3. The Bramley Chain - The Aggregate of scores achieved by competitors in the Grand Aggregate for the current year plus those of the preceding 2 (two) years.

1. PA Haasbroek

4. The SA Championships - The aggregate of scores fired in the Grand Aggregate plus 2nd and 3rd Stages of the State President. Total out of 855 points.


1. JA DU TOIT - 851 – 91V
2. PA HAASBROEK - 850 – 71V
3. DMC DODDS - 848 – 88V

Other shottist under top 10 using INCH actions

5.R HAYTER - 842 – 81V
7.GD HIGGS - 840 – 75V
8.J FOURIE - 840 – 74V

6 out of top 10 and 9 out of the Top 20 shottist in the SA Open Championships used INCH Actions.

PLEASE NOTE that all the above is SA Palma Team members that used INCH Actions.

A little bit of the 3 top shottist:

1. JA (André) Du Toit He is only 21 years of age and is also the youngest member of the SA Palma Team. He is a student at the University of Johannesburg and is studying Accounting.

The scores he achieved this year is one of the top scores of the last 10 years and could have been a new record if we did not lost a match (short range) due to rain. He also scored the highest total in the SA Team shoot championships with a score of 303 out of 305.

2. PA (Arno) Haasbroek
He is now for the last three years the winner of the Grand Aggregate and Bramley chain matches. He also won the SA Championships in 2010.
He was one of the 2 members of the SA Commonwealth Games Team in 2010. He won a silver medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Shooting Federation Championships held in India.

3. DMC (David) Dodds
He is for years one of the top shottist in South Africa. He was a participant in 2 Commonwealth Games and won 2 silver medals in the 2002 Commonwealth Games. This years Palma would be his 5th Palma Championships that he would be a member of the SA Palma Team.

Thanks go to Bernie and the South African team members that have supported Woody Engineering and the INCH action since 2010.

Rod Shehan
on behalf of
Actionclear and Woody Engineering.

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INCH in South Africa

#103 Postby Aubrey » Sun May 08, 2011 9:00 pm

Congrats Rod, they have certainly placed their faith in your action, and seem to be reaping the results - Brisbane will be interesting.

I know one young lady in my club who is on the Aus u25 team that would love to win the prize you donated.
Aubrey Sonnenberg

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#104 Postby Woody_rod » Sun May 08, 2011 9:01 pm

It seems very small in comparison to the above, but my own rifle performed well in its first real test in F Open competition at my home range Prize Meeting at Wurgabup in WA.

It is called "The floorboard" due to lacking some refinements in terms of beauty, but it does function well, this one made from Tassie Oak. This is the Mk1 of this stock design. The rifle is an INCH actioned, Pac Nor barreled 260 INCH chambered unit. The 260 INCH chamber is essentially a 260 Remington with the shoulder blown forward 3.5mm, which gives 3200fps+ using the 123 grain Lapua Scenar projectile.

On day one, I shot a 60.5, 60.3, 60.7 and 60.5 in the 4 10 shot matches at 300y, 500y, 500y and 600y respectively. On the ICFRA super V target.
The conditions certainly were NOT very friendly, with the typical fishtail from 10 oclock running up to at least 30 km/h. I had a few cutting the outside of the 6 line here and there...making for some fun times.

Same weather goes for day two, with the long ranges: 800y, 900y and 1000y. I shot a 55.3, 54.1 and 56.1 respectively. These ranges were tough indeed!! The final was shot at 1000y, with another 56 flat to finish. The whole shoot included one 4 at 1000y, when I missed a wind change.

There is now a new Mk2 version of the floorboard, with some refinements to make it look a bit more like a rifle stock. It is made from WA Jarrah timber, which so far looks very nice. This stock is a lot lighter than I thought it would be, and very strong.

On another local note: my wife Linda (actionclear on this and other forums) shot an 95.4 from 96.16 in a club shoot last weekend at 600y. Using her newish 308 Eliseo/INCH/Nightforce rifle essentially built to F/TR specs.

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Re: INCH Action

#105 Postby Longranger » Sun Sep 20, 2015 2:13 pm

Old thread but how CG inch owners finding their action given the test of time?

I'm very happy the way mine is performing.

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