Oplo F6 Mods and Upgrades

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Oplo F6 Mods and Upgrades

#1 Postby Oplo » Wed Jan 20, 2021 5:39 pm

A notice to Oplo F6 followers:
I have discussed the F6 design with many people and received many comments online and in person – I can assure you that I do listen and have implemented what my business partners and I feel to be some sound market advice.

Also, market expectation of the F6 is extremely high, possibly due to the novel nature of its design but also the number of precision components incorporated into the build - likely the price tag is an expectation driver too.

The initial intent of the F6 was to target the mid to top end club shooter but we feel it has outgrown that intent. The F7-Ti PRO was intended to be for the national/international level competitor but the F6 is too close in many measures. So, we decided to implement a Mod/Upgrade and inject some DNA from the F7-Ti PRO into the F6 and re-align the future F7-Ti PRO.

As such, we have re-evaluated the versions and decided that the F6 needs to have features originally earmarked for the F7-Ti PRO. Also, the F6 needed to have 2 Titanium upgrade options as part of the F6-Ti version. The F7-Ti PRO was always intended as our 3”-5” BR and F-Open version but will now be designed to accommodate much larger stocks.

Revising the versions we are looking at the following;
1. F6 – F Class Open/Std with 3” stock
2. F6-Ti – F Class Open/Std with 3” stock (stiffer and lighter coaxial mechanism with 2 upgrade options)
3. F7-Ti PRO – Bench Rest, F Class Open with 3” to 8” stock (stiffer and lighter coaxial mechanism and with adjustable input-output control rate)

As for the F6:
F6 Mod/Upgrades have already been designed and we will commence machining asap. Mods include;
1. Compliance Reduction - 2 x 12mm hardened vertical shafts to stiffen the left and right column carriages during firing of higher powered calibres. Current rolled screw columns are rock solid with DTI measurements showing fore/aft compliance (deflection) at just 0.08mm when a 20kg load is applied to the top of the columns during tests (astounding that the bearings can accomplish this). We expect the column upgrade will reduce compliance down to a much stiffer 0.02 to 0.03mm under the same test conditions. You can visibly see the difference between pre and post upgrade in the images.
2. Counterbalance Increase - barrel weights are now 40% larger/massive and 2 barrels will easily balance a 10kg rifle with bull barrel (weight differential more forward).
3. Coaxial Static Friction – horizontal and vertical linear shaft bearing holes will be reamed from 22mm (H7) down to 21.95mm (near h7). This increased press fit translates to a tighter grip on the shaft guides. The current movement is very slippery and even though the counterbalance will hold the rifle in check we are looking for a sweet spot between static friction and what constitutes a positive shaft lock.
4. Bag Side Clamps – increased length to match higher Edgewood 3M Slick/Standard bags.
5. Coarse Adjustment Knob – diameter increase to aid in adjustment.
6. Low Profile Stocks - Equidistant machine holes allow for dual rifle stops so as to accommodate Kestros ZR style stocks (70mm CtoC).

0024 sml.jpg
0027 sml.jpg
0023 sml.jpg
Mod F6 002.jpg
Mod F6 004.jpg
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