F std c grade

We want to hear what your club is doing to bring in new members. Tell us what works, and give credit to those who are making the effort.

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Re: F std c grade

#16 Postby plumbs7 » Mon Jan 05, 2015 8:16 am

Hi Neil , I'm a little late posting on this one but an interesting thought ! Yes it would be nice if the numbers could be there to support a c grade. But with 3 different classes of,Ftr and std, it does make it hard for OPM organisers !

F standard B is a great place to serve an apprenticeship in wind reading . One can still have a factory rifle and still win (eg savage hsp10fcp)!

Jenny H, Lindsay C , Jason M, Josh R and me ( don't read to much into that one! No major titles!) to name a few , are just some of the graduates that have gone on and done well! Might add to that they are all Queenslanders too , the greatest state lol! I know that there have been a number of times that B graders have beaten the A Graders ( crows-nest Goombungee 2014).However those at the top of B Grade may lack enough consistency to go above %94.5 into Agrade.

So yes if you were a newbie and looking at some of the scores around the place , yes it can be daunting! But I can only say to you is .Go to as many Opm's and Queens as u can ! Yes you may come last , but you'll learn heaps and also be inspired when u see the top shots compete.
Back in 2011 my first OPM was the Nats at Belmont . Didn't even know how to score !
Well you see , I was in my mind going to win it! I was a top shot in my local club etc and it was just going to happen!
Well how arrogant ! (I'm hoping to be less arrogant after every OPM and Queens since) Competing at that level has taught me how to be a better person in life and how to be a competitor ( still learning)! Yes to win a Queens is still is my goal . But it's not about winning, u are competing against urself , and I've improved every year that I've competed! On a personal level that's all that counts , 2014 was kind to me!
Also one of the main reasons I like going to a major is being sqaudded with someone like Shane G ( Ftr ) or Aubrey S ( tr) and watching them shoot the final day, then u really feel like a beginner!

On a club level , I'm so proud of our little Dalby/ Tara club , we only have about 5 active members . Of 2 are current of teams world champs and me ( Graham who! "Nah he can't shoot!" lol!). My youngest son and a gunsmith extrodenaire!
We are in desperate need of new members! We are lucky to have Darling Downs to come and shoot with us.
This is partly the reason why I post our club shoots and local club calendars. So if there is anyone interested in F Class in our area they know we are here! In Chinchilla I have a lot of interest in the sport and have sponsored a few to come and try. Some have the potential to be very good !
But they bork a little at the price to buy a rifle and scope to compete. $3500 is a lot of money for a gun out our way! But they will spend $13 000 in heart beat on a dirt bike that looses $4000 every year !
So yes , I just keep plodding along trying to get newbies in . To be Fair some have young families too! So finances quite rightly so go that way too!

However again if you are in the western downs area of Qld and want to compete in F Class please pm me and I'll get u hooked up on a come and try!

Regards Graham Sells Dalby / Tara RC
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Re: F std c grade

#17 Postby plumbs7 » Mon Jan 05, 2015 8:20 am

I'm sorry about the double posting , had a little trouble ! G

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