F-Class Shooting Techniques Training Course Notes

We want to hear what your club is doing to bring in new members. Tell us what works, and give credit to those who are making the effort.

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F-Class Shooting Techniques Training Course Notes

#1 Postby AlanF » Sun Mar 04, 2012 9:23 pm

Rod Dolman is the President of Rosedale Rifle Range, and an F-Class shooter. Rod has advanced skills in authoring and delivery of technical training, and has compiled a training course in F-Class shooting techniques suitable for new shooters. The course notes are being made available for the use of any clubs who may wish to run such a course.

They are available here :


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#2 Postby IanP » Mon Mar 05, 2012 9:11 am

Well done Rod, I'm also a trainer and assessor and I award you a C for competent, (training jargon).

Its great you have made it freely available to all clubs, etc, a generous act which I'm sure new shooters will benefit from immensely!


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#3 Postby bartman007 » Mon Mar 05, 2012 9:45 am

Great job Rod :!:

This will be a great starting point for new shooters, and regular ones trying to improve their technique.

Well done on making it available to the masses. Your sharing of these skills only helps to improve the level of shooters in our sport.

However, may I say: Bigger and faster really is better! 8)

.........bigger and faster is not always better.

You may wish to update your document.........or not.



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#4 Postby bobeager » Mon Mar 05, 2012 9:51 am

a Quality effort. Thank you, this will be very helpful at our Club as we are attracting a number of new members to F Class. Rob eager, President, Goulburn RC

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#5 Postby AlanF » Tue Mar 06, 2012 12:20 pm

Rod has asked me to thank the above posters for their kind words. He has also had some e-mail responses from overseas shooters and organisations interested in using the notes. So well done Rod for showing us another way of making this sport better.

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#6 Postby flatlina » Tue Mar 06, 2012 4:01 pm

I've printed a few copies out and stapled them together. Also emailed it to the Club Captain. Only had a quick read but very good and easy to understand.


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#7 Postby Woody_rod » Tue Mar 06, 2012 4:44 pm

Good stuff. Thanks Rod for the effort.

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#8 Postby Ovenpaa » Thu Mar 08, 2012 7:47 am

These are great notes and Rod very kindly allowed me to post them on another forum.

Good stuff!

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