New to the shooting game

We want to hear what your club is doing to bring in new members. Tell us what works, and give credit to those who are making the effort.

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New to the shooting game

#1 Postby Wiseman7187 » Wed Mar 18, 2020 11:28 am

Hello all,

I'm new to shooting and planning to buy my own rifle/optic soon when able.
Have my eye on a 2 that I want but I'm wondering if the scope should be in MIL or MOA?

planning to shoot .308 in f standard when I get my own rifle atm using my local
Ranges .223 rifle.
Also would like to start reloading in the future but not confident as of yet and not sure what
I'll need to start?

My local range shoots from 200 up to 1000m metres.
Any helper hints any one is able to give me would be greatly appreciated also.

Many thanks

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Re: New to the shooting game

#2 Postby Weairy » Wed Mar 18, 2020 12:08 pm

Hi mate, welcome to the sport.

Definitely a scope in MOA, preferably in 1/8 clicks if you possible.

Reloading gear is a very broad one. But basically, a good quality press, a good micrometer seating die (we use Redding dies), a Lee collet die, a decent set of scales, loading tray and some other odds and ends (case trimmer, sizing dies, primer pocket tool, flash hole tool, OAL length gauge, seating depth tool and set of digital calipers) are a good start. You can look into other items such as better digital scales, case annealers, power case trimmers, wet tumblers/ultrasonic cleaners, concentricity gauges etc down the track. Everyone does their brass & loading differently, so you'll get a variety of ideas on this one.

If you're planning on getting into F Standard, I strongly suggest keeping your eyes open for a good front rest (SEB, Farley etc) and a good rear bag as these make a big difference. Aside from that, get out there, ask questions (everyone is very open in this sport) and learn to read the wind flags and mirage and you'll have a lot of fun. It's a great challenge.
Josh Weaire
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Re: New to the shooting game

#3 Postby Rich4 » Wed Mar 18, 2020 1:27 pm

I’d say buy Lee reloading gear and Forster dies if your on a budget and sink any savings into optics, even a cheaper rest though it will be replaced later, top quality optics allows a steeper learning curve

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Re: New to the shooting game

#4 Postby GSells » Wed Mar 18, 2020 9:43 pm

I started out in Mils, but now shoot MoA . In a way it’s just like learning French and English. I wasn’t disadvantaged in anyway using .1 mils but had to learn to fine tune by aiming off which is what I do anyway! I certainly don’t regret it and it’s much handier in the field or PRS shooting .
But I very much for what ever reason, like doing things the hard way ! So easy way in F class Moa ! If you want to master both start in mils then go to moa but be ready for double the apprenticeship time too ! Eg 8 yrs instead of 4 yrs !
Ask lots of questions and even try other people’s rifles and scopes . A good Nightforce even in an NXS or a Comp scope is a good investment and you can always sell it if you decide F Class is not your thing ?
There was lots of reasons why I started in this sport . But now 9 years in F class now , it’s most definitely the lifelong friends that I share this lovely sport with ; that is why I’m still here competing!
You will meet a few Dicks but ignore them and it’s rare . Keep persisting and you will find “ salt of the earth “ people in the sport that will give you the shirt off their backs !

Oh and it’s kind of cool whacking the x ring when everyone is struggling lol! ( when your skill comes along !) :mrgreen:
Regards Graham .Dalby / Tara RC

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Re: New to the shooting game

#5 Postby ben_g » Thu Mar 19, 2020 7:29 am

My Dad just shoots casually with me at the club so was looking for a reasonably priced setup.

We found him a used Savage 12LRPV in a custom laminated stock topped with a Nightforce BR 12-42scope.

This one is barrelled with a Kreiger 6.5mm barrel, and for an entry level priced rifle it sure shoots very well! We have added a rifle basix trigger which is a step up from the savage trigger but that is something you could move to at a later date.

Total cost of the rifle and scope was under $3k and included dies and brass. Don’t be afraid to look at a used purchase, but do be prepared to rebarrel. We had the barrel setback and it’s been shooting very well but will need a new barrel soon.

I shoot in F-open and I am on a relatively limited budget compared to some shooters out there. Some days I do manage to hold my own however.

As for loading gear, there is mountains of high tech gadgetry out there for you to buy. I am still battling on with my old RCBS rockchucker press for sizing. I also have seater dies that I use in the rock chucker but recently have treated myself to an arbour press and Wilson in-line dies, the primary advantage for me is reloading at the range and fiddling with seating depths. For starting out a standard good quality micrometer seating die, either Redding or Whidden for your press is all you need.

For powder throwing I still use a beam scale 10/10 and a Dandy trickler. I throw the bulk of the charge with the basic RCBS thrower that came with my press then trickle it up. I am of the firm opinion that while the fancy A&D setups are certainly faster than the beam a correctly setup and operated beam is just as repeatable accurate.

I still use the priming tool and the chamfer/debur tool that came with my RCBS kit.

Don’t worry about neck turning (try and find a 308 with a no turn chamber) don’t worry about concentricity gauges, bullet pointing, annealing, and all the plethora of crazy things you see us talk about in this forum. For starting out in F-standard none of this will improve your score. Practise is what will improve your score.

I hope you find the sport as challenging and enjoyable as I have.

Josh Cox
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Re: New to the shooting game

#6 Postby Josh Cox » Thu Mar 19, 2020 5:08 pm

Welcome Wiseman,

My advice would be not to rush into buying anything, rifles or reloading gear.

Find the shooters in your club and area that are shooting well and ask questions, watch what they do and find out how they reload and load develop.

When new shooters turn up to a club, there are usually a whole bunch of secondhand rifles that are offered for sale to them, be careful, whether you buy a new one or a secondhand one (there are lots of good buys in the secondhand market) just accept you'll likely need to put a new barrel in to the rifle.

Most importantly have fun, pick a club on the basis of how friendly the other members are and how helpful they are. Its your recreation, so make sure it is enjoyable.

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