Elevation Adjustable ForeSight or Not..?

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Elevation Adjustable ForeSight or Not..?

#1 Postby Gerard » Mon May 08, 2017 10:09 pm

Anyone had negative experiences with the adjustable foresights?
I understand the advantage of doing the core elevation adjustment on the foresight and precision final adjustment on the rear sight is that your cheek position remains reasonably constant across all ranges.

But are there any negatives with those adjustable foresights? They look a bit like a wind sail to me..

Anyone used one and went back to a fixed front?

Im soon to receive my new rifle (Which has adjustable cheek position) and have yet to sort sights out, so a good time to gauge opinion I think :)


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Re: Elevation Adjustable ForeSight or Not..?

#2 Postby scott/r » Tue May 09, 2017 9:08 am

The only negative thing I've experienced is setting the bloody thing at the wrong height for the distance I'm supposed to be shooting. Apart from that, nothing.

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