Sight picture / eagle eye,

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Re: Sight picture / eagle eye,

#31 Postby pjifl » Tue Apr 05, 2016 9:03 am

I preferred the level in the bottom but these can more easily pick up a serious glint from a low sun angle.
You should have something like a long shade tube ready just in case.

I have seen a case where some top shooters in a team simply smashed their levels in this situation because it was impossible to shoot with the sun reflected from the level.

Whatever you do, use a level and check it each shot because on ranges with sloped backstops you cannot accurately guess what is level and with the standard of shooting today a consistently level sight is needed especially at long range.

If you have never used these sights before, get used the fact that best shooting usually occurs when you instinctively think the foresight aperture is too large.
Others have mentioned this and it may be worth a reread.

Peter Smith.

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Re: Sight picture / eagle eye,

#32 Postby johnk » Tue Apr 05, 2016 10:25 am

I recall reading years ago in a British small bore magazine that a person readily discerns a ring one size lager than they use, but not one 10 sizes larger.

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Re: Sight picture / eagle eye,

#33 Postby Gerard » Tue May 17, 2016 9:50 pm

Hi guys,
Im going to be shooting for the first time at a Metric range this weekend and would like some advice regarding ring size.

We will be shooting 500m and 600m

So far I have found that a 7.2 ring works best for me at 500 YARDS
I have had mixed results at 600 yards so haven't settled on my preferred ring size yet.
But I have had great results with a 5.6 ring at 800 yards
And reasonable results with a 4.8 ring at 900 yards.

(I use a 0.5 eagle eye).

So using the above ratios, I'm hoping that someone reading this will have the settled on the same preferences when shooting Imperial and also have experience shooting 500m and 600m.. and can therefore suggest ring sizes that should work for me.

Otherwise, my thoughts are to guesstimate and try 7.0 for 500metres and 5.6 for 600metres.

Its a competition/prize shoot so I guess I may not have the luxury of trial and error.

At the weekend I had a disaster at 500yards with a 7.0 ring, scoring only 42 for the first half (I almost had a possible in 4's). I then switched to a 7.2 and scored 54.6. So it seems I couldn't centre with the smaller ring.


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Re: Sight picture / eagle eye,

#34 Postby scott/r » Wed May 18, 2016 6:17 am

Mate, I've found that with my settings for front rings are more of a guide setting. Different light will result in different size rings. With darker overcast days , I've found myself going 1- 2 ring sizes.
So, if you get a chance lay down on the end of the mound while your waiting for your turn, and try a few different rings until your happy.

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Re: Sight picture / eagle eye,

#35 Postby Gerard » Tue May 24, 2016 11:10 am

Thanks Scott.
I did that, asked the range officer who let me lay down at the edge of the mound prior to my shoot and try different ring sizes.

For other beginners reading this, who may be in a similar dilemma, here is what I found out in my case:

The 7.0 ring worked well at 500 Metres. (So it was just 0.2 down from what I use at 500 yards).

But the 6.0 was too big for my tastes at 600 Metres, it almost but not quite framed the target.
(I guess I could have tried going bigger and trying frame the target, but given it was a competition I tried to stick with what I was used to, and thats roughly 50% of the aiming mark size in white around the target, if you know what I mean).
I think if I had a 5.8 ring to try, that may have done the trick but on the day I didn't have one.

BTW I have a 6 YARDS/Imperial practice print out of aiming marks I use at home and that helps me get a rough ball park on ring sizes for each distance.
** Does anyone know were I can get a Metric version? )


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