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#16 Postby Woody_rod » Thu Mar 26, 2009 12:32 am


You will be joyous (that is a word right??) to know that I will have two barrels for my next rifle - a proper one in 308 chamber, and the other in 223 errr 5.56. May as well have some fun shooting with no recoil at the shorts.

The rifle will be built on a CG INCH action - imagine that!!! Stock at this point probably a Richards Microfit - if it ever gets here (grr). Action will be a one-off with Titanium Nitride coating - so it will be a flash looking gold thing!! WHy do this? Two reasons: 1. because we can, and 2. it will annoy a lot of people still living in 1960. What more can you ask??? ha ha ha

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