Kochies rants last 48 hours

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Re: Kochies rants last 48 hours

#16 Postby Howard » Sun Jan 14, 2018 1:02 pm

I'm a bit late coming to this party, but my missus says Kochie has "Delusional Hotness Syndrome"

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Re: Kochies rants last 48 hours

#17 Postby Pseudoplastic » Mon Mar 12, 2018 3:55 pm

pavlovaw wrote:The problem with America has nothing to do with the guns but the intent of the media pushing the rubbish and spreading half truths and mostly lies. 11,000 people so far this year have died from guns in America. 60 percent have been suicides and the next greatest at 15 percent is police shootings. The actual homicide rate is 8 percent of the entire number. Then you look at the actual numbers killed in each state and oh the ones with the strictest gun laws and gun free zones are the highest numbers killed with I believe California at the top with nearly 1500 homicides alone. How many people are able to defend themselves over there compared to here where the only thing we are allowed to be are victims waiting for someone with a gun to come and save us which 90 percent of the time is too late and only there to pick up the bodies. Lets look at the other death rates shall we with over 36,000 killed by flue alone, over 40,000 killed by drug overdose, 76,000 killed in car accidents and oh 195,000 killed by medical malpractice. These are only some of the death figures I can remember with gun deaths actually being one of the lowest figures out. If they were speaking the gun rubbish over here every one would be up in arms but just like 96 most of us firearms owners are only too happy to throw other types of firearms owners under the bus in the false pretense to save what we deem to be justifiable firearms. Where has that gotten us? With the gun grabbers only still looking at taking more and putting more stupid regulations on the lawfull owners who want to use them in justified ways. Is about time firearms owners grew a memory and we all stoid together instead of devided because if we don't soon will all become a memory.

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