Extended Ranges and energy limits

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Extended Ranges and energy limits

#1 Postby ShaneG » Tue Sep 12, 2017 9:10 am

Are there any ranges available without energy limits and preferably beyond 1000 yards?
These energy limits seem to serve no purpose except to constrict us further.
Once applied they can be be lowered by range inspectors further.

I note that the match at Coonabarabran in October has a limit of 5675 joules or 4182 ft lb.
This equates to a limit with 230gr 30 cal of 2850fps.
Just starting work on 300 Norma and I am 200 fps over that and expect more when I can source RL33?

I am interested in the extended range concept but could organisers consider the barrel life issue and logic of running 20 shot matches with cartridges capable of extended ranges?
I think 10+2 matches would be more reasonable and yet would still result in a very hot barrel let alone 15 and 20 shot as advertised at Coonabarabran.

How about several 5 shot matches with 1 sighter? at 1500 for example?

Some food for thought??

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Re: Extended Ranges and energy limits

#2 Postby Norm » Tue Sep 12, 2017 11:00 am

Shane I participated in a 1500 yard shoot at Coona a few years ago.
At the time I used a .284 win with 180gn Hybrids at 2820fps.

While this load was ok during the preceding event that went out to 1200 yards, the load was definitely lacking at 1500 yards and was not competitive against those using 7mm SAUM's running up near 3000fps.
Going by my ballistic program my load was right on the transonic barrier while the SAUM's were still in the safe zone.

Following the event I designed and had built a wildcat cartridge for use in this sort of event. It drives a .30 cal. 230gn Berger Hybrid at 3150fps and is very accurate. I was going to have great fun with this thing but unfortunately the energy limit has resulted in the barrel being removed. It will most likely be rechambered to a .30-06AI so that I can stay under the energy limit and get some use out of the barrel.

That .300 Norma load of yours should still be above transonic at Coona. It will be interesting to see how it compares to the SAUM"s at 1500. Yeah the energy limit sucks.

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Re: Extended Ranges and energy limits

#3 Postby RDavies » Tue Sep 12, 2017 9:23 pm

There is a match at Warracknabeal next month where anything up to 50 Can is allowed. Maybe a bit of a drive for you.


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